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uxmax 11/14/2020 5:42 AM

Hello, which spindle are your using on your sixc ?
RF said for 144 (RF143) or less (using spacers) not compatible with sixc unlike the next r for example. I bought rf151DH which is way to long


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davos808 10/15/2018 4:30 PM

Thanks for the feedback, really interesting to hear your comments about bottom out support and ultimately going back to air. I was asking since I just put a DHX2 on my Kona Process 29. The Process and the Sentinel have a very similar leverage curve so I was interested in how you found it . I had been considering a bigger bottom bumper hence my question.

So far so good for me - after trying a few rates a 550 spring is working well (I'm 88kgs) - general compliance and mid stroke is way better now, with only the occasional bottom out on larger drops to flatter landings. I also have used a longer stroke shock (62.5 from stock 60) to get approx 160mm travel, so probably the extra travel of the process makes the coil work for my local terrain (steep, rocky, "enduro"). I think (like you) I'd struggle with less travel to get the required support without a really stiff spring. Maybe Transition will consider a Sentinel LT for the future

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