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You can’t beat a steeper seat tube for climbing a long travel bike. I also think if it’s built for a dropper post, there’s need to be room for a bottle cage. And the long seat tubes aren’t needed in the long dropper era. Shame as Radon where pretty forward thinking a few years back.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO2ZyPonPaE&feature=youtu.be - got bored so I made a video on my thoughts so I don't have to type so damn much.

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The spec sheet Fox sent us had a FAQ section including a question about compatibility: ' . . . it will not work on other series of 36 such as Factory, Performance Elite, or Performance.'

My guess, having taken the Z1 coil apart, but not comparing it to the above mentioned 36 models is that bore diameter is likely one reason but possibly not the only one. For starters, the sealed plastic spacer that inserts into the end of the upper tubes will be out of tolerance meaning you'll lose the bottom-out-assist from the trapped air in the lowers. There could be other fitment issues depending on how the lowers are finished internally (thread pitch, groves for the retainer clip, etc) that could also prevent cross-compatibility.

There was no mention of swapping back to air, but my guess is that it might not be recommended due to possible scoring of the inner stanchions.

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Ouch, the geo hasn't changed much if you size down. This shock location offers superior performance... (Trust me I would not have released it if it didn't!) in a stronger package with lower center of gravity, there really is no area where the performance does not improve. If your reasoning is purely due to aesthetic reasons liking horizontal shock, then fair enough, that will always come down to personal preference... but these bikes look so much better in real life than in photos. I'd appreciate it if wait until you have read some reviews and had a test ride before ruling them out... you might surprise yourself.

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Again, I could see it being better for some tracks. But 'world's better' is what I'm not so sure about.

I'm lucky (or rather I have really messed up values) in that I have a few bikes. I can test product back to back on these bikes and report my findings. Its so crazy how much the weather, how many beers I had the night before, how well I slept, my overall mood, how tired I am, how much I paid for something etc can weigh into my opinion of something.

Back to back testing for a baseline is the only way I've really been able to reliably give an opinion worth much of anything.

Oh, and I didn't mean to say "you are wrong". You really just gave me an opportunity to note something about how we currently compare stuff (myself included) and how hard it is to really get good feedback in any action sport.

Maybe I'll go back to college and try to get a grant to study "the placebo effect of new gear wink"

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I'll be giving it a go just because, but I'm skeptical that it is *so* much better than air. Few reasons...

1) All the Fox pros are on the standard air spring. DH and enduro. Maybe they'd never make them a coil just cause, but I have to believe if Gwin and Minnaar barked enough, they'd make a coil fork for them, but from all accounts they are very happy with air.

2) Air is so easy to adjust to suit the track, conditions or your style. Coil is not easy to adjust. If a track is super gnarly and steep I likely will go up in pressure. Maybe coil will change my opinion, but currently I adjust air pressure a LOT more than I adjust damping.

3) Once you go coil you possibly can't go back.

4) Most guys go coil without even setting their air spring up as linear as possible.

Again, I'll give it a go, but you are really only eliminating one seal. The curve is different, but not massively so compared to a 160-180mm air spring with zero tokens.

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Yeah....those 4 guys must be pissed.

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2019 Pivot Firebird 29

Thanks for writing that up. Gives me another good data point and your impressions are similar to what I've read/heard from others and also are in line with what people in the Moto world say about the Flexx bars for offroad moto.

I think I'm going to try a set out. My shop doesn't demo them but I'll put a bug in their ear to see if they want to.

I'm thinking of these from a enduro racing standpoint, they might not make times any quicker but being fresher for the last few stages could certainly translate to some time.

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