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Girls Gotta Eat DIRT 14

The story of three best friends, roommates, and riding partners with a taste for the finer things. And plenty of dirt on their jorts.

Girls Gotta Eat Dirt Presented by Ripton & Co.

This is the bike movie you didn’t ask for and never knew you wanted. And yet it is exactly what you were looking for. 

Girls Gotta Eat Dirt is the story of three best friends and roommates—Delilah Cupp, Clare Hamilton, and Avra Saslow—who have perfected the recipe for nutritious and delicious riding bikes with friends. Follow the trio through the finest dirt Silverton, Colorado has to offer—from exposed rocky ridge lines to loam tunnels deep in the woods to old mining roads. Whatever the terrain, these girls will ride it in style, complete with jorts, polos, and even… fur coats? 

Video: Ripton & Co., Wiley Kaupas 

Riders: Delilah Cupp (@dcuppers), Clare Hamilton (@hamsandwich_extracheese), Avra Saslow (@avranator47)

Photo: Jack Plantz 

Editing: Pete Vogt, Nate Steinbauer 

Music: “Under the Thunder” - Skegss, “Keep it in Line (Yeasayer Remix)” - BRONCHO, “Sandman” - BRONCHO


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