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Beautiful setup.

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Hey man!
That's a sick Demo 9!
Perfect old school setup.

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Even if I want to buy again dirt or slope style frame with 100mm travel and have a lot of money, I decide a new Specialized P.3 frame or P.Slope because the warranty is very important (for me) and the geometry is better than these P.1 or P.2 frame. This is my third P.1 frame... the first is 2005, the second is 2008 and this third is 2010. But it's better than 2005 and 2008. And the P.1 frame is better for street and park, so.

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I love your bike

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Yeap, that's a first series Demo 8 because if you saw at it's made in 2005. And only just silver or black color was, so.
The Demo 9 is have 150x12 rear and 240mm shox. Witch is black Demo 9, that was made in 2004. That was the first Demo 9 series. =)

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