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to defend that case

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I had heard rumors of this after Paul B mentioned that he and a few others were being dropped very suddenly. Sad to see them go

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To all those still waiting for Jan to ship your Karpiel frame... this is where they went.

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I've ridden both, and I'd choose the V-10 over the Demo. No question about it. yes, it is personal preference, but my experience has been that the V-10 is a far more enjoyable bike. The Demo's front end feels super nice going through steep rock gardens, ... more ยป

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Looks like they took a page from the Canfield Jedi.

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I like the videos better...and when they actually ride trails good. Just sayin

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breaks my heart that I bought a normal DBair a few months ago. Even though I am more than happy with my current shock, having a way to stiffen my Canfield up quickly would be so awesome. The sun would break forth, children would be singing, butterflies flapping in the meadow, and Canadians and Americans would finally be able to agree on how to spell the word colour/color.

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i spy a Kickstand on a Canfield.

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VERY disappointed they took Val di Sole off the list. It was one of the few gnarly, true DH tracks left, and watching it last weekend was fantastic. And why are they not doing Champery either?! At least it was steep. Now most of the list are single crown enduro wagon wheel 29er only pedalfests on a dirty sidewalk. Sad to see DH turning into high speed slopestyle. Further proof that the UCI needs a bulldozing.

What's next, urban DH moving to Kansas?

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fun looking trail, but i had to watch it on mute. Dang.

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Demise of the flat? That all depends. If the UCI has its way, they'll all be riding cyclocross bikes, doing laps on only the flat sections of PMB, and with fully stocked water bottle cages... until they make those illegal too. So maybe Brook has seen into the future and is preparing for the boring pedalfest/finefest ahead.

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