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Meet the Fasthouse squad: R-Dog, T-Mac, Emil Johansson and Bubba Warren,1920

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Welcome! There are many good dirt jump bikes in the MTB world. I suggest choosing a frame material and narrowing in from there. I prefer steel dirt jumpers for the little bit of give they offer to smooth things out, as well as the aesthetic. Others prefer ... more »

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Commencal Says Farewell to George Brannigan

Press Release: Ever since George AKA JoJo / GeoGeo / Georgio / GC (Good Clifford) joined the Commencal Vallnord DH Team two years ago, it's been nothing but good times, apart from those damned injuries... ... more »
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Orbea just dropped this teaser for their 2018 Enduro World Series team. Any guesses? Official announcement coming January 1 or 2.

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Interestingly, the legislation was first defeated and then passed in the House Committee on Natural Resources. The video below shows the initial defeat from 1:41 to 17:57, but the committee later reverses itself from 1:25:20 to 1:28:28 and passes the ... more »

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For reference, these maps show wilderness areas in the lower 48 states and the agencies that manage them:

Those interested in learning more will find the Sustainable Trails Coalition research page to be a good resource. They've also made it easy to reach out to your state's representatives and senators. ... more »
New thread Mountain Biking in Wilderness Areas Closer to Reality: USA House Committee Passes Bill 12/14/2017 12:28 PM

In a press release issued by Congressman Tom McClintock, news broke that the USA House Natural Resources Committee voted to pass H.R. 1349 – a controversial bill that could allow access to previously restricted Wilderness Areas by bike on a trail-by-trail basis as determined by local forest ... more »

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Embedded for all: The Hohem footage looks pretty smooth! How is it to ride with? I ask because the GoPro Karma I use is quite bulky. Freaks me out a bit thinking about taking a tumble on top of it:

There's a tiny bit of side to side ... more »
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Great suggestion, nickhead! Thank you.

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That's Kyle Jameson!

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I'm sure they are. Those aren't what are being compared, however. Exhibit A:

Exhibit B: Which would you choose? That's the OP's question. ... more »
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Doesn't seem to bother these gents, though they are riding well above the capabilities of most: Plus-size tires are a good stepping stone for novice to intermediate riders, but odd rebound characteristics, floppy sidewalls in the turns/jumps, and poor ... more »

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Hi tk421, it's very likely 10x135mm. Many people refer to this size as simply "quick release" or "QR" in reference to the mechanism used to tighten that size of axle.

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Since you're in the mood...

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Is there a specific style you miss? Personally, I miss things like the more personal look at the 2011/2012 World Cups that Vittorio Platania used to create when he worked with Tri-Ride. Even though the videos were released days/weeks after each event ... more »

New thread This May Be One of the Greatest MTB Articles Ever Written by a Big News Company 12/4/2017 7:28 PM

Australia's ABC News writer Michael Rennie seems genuinely shocked to learn that mountain bikes have progressed in the last twenty years: Mountain bikes go high-tech, leaving old-school off roaders in their dust - ABC News Extremely light yet super tough, mountain bikes have undergone a high-tech metamorphosis since the "horrible"

... more »

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Consider taxes as well. You may not have to pay those through Chain Reaction.

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Between the two, I'd choose that Scout any day. The components and geometry are far more dialed than the Framed bike.

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Valid concern, although it's easy enough to extend the dropper and reduce forces on the mechanism.

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As of December 1, 2017, Cam Zink and crew are no longer the YT distributor within the USA. Below is the official press release from YT announcing the change. In it, they say Cam Zink will remain with YT Industries as an athlete and continue ... more »