About Me

Always up for an adventure. Rain chaser. Vital MTB product smasher. Home is where we park it.

My name is Brandon Turman. I live in a RV, traveling from riding spot to riding spot with my amazing gal and our trail dog in training.

Several years ago, after high school let out from another day of class I walked outside I saw one of my friends on top of a bus stop on his bike. I watched in awe as he proceeded to wheelie drop off the edge, perfectly nailing the tiny grass landing. Seeing him do that inspired me to start mobbing around town with him on my dad's rusty old Stumpjumper hardtail, and I've been hooked ever since.

Many months of stair gaps, ledge rides, and countless hucks to flat later, I finally hit the dirt for the first time. Not long after I was lining up at the start line of DH, 4X, and slalom races at the Mountain States Cup Series, where I met many riders that I still call friends today.

I've always had an engineering mindset, taking apart pens as a little kid, tinkering with this or that, seeing how things work... combined with my love of bikes, it eventually led me to pursue mechanical engineering as a degree. In the back of my mind I always wanted to work for a bike company designing products that make bikes better. Four years, dozens of all-nighters, lots of good times, and a Collegiate Cycling Team Championship Title later, I found myself out of school and on the job hunt. Fun fact: Though I did graduate, I never actually went to the ceremony - I was too busy cheering on our road cycling team.

During this period I used my spare time to dig and ride as much as possible, and it was then that I think I was one of the best riders I'll ever be. I put many, many hours into a local riding spot, hosted dirt jump jams and races, managed a few teams, gave slopestyle a go, and went on several great road trips with lifelong friends.

I'd eventually pick up a job as a design engineer for a robotics company, where my team's task was to create a massive robot capable of dismantling a decommissioned nuclear reactor. Because it was a government job, I eventually grew tired of excessive paperwork requirements and started to look elsewhere.

Eventually I interviewed with Fox Racing Shox and Vital. Vital won out for several reasons, and though I left a possible career path behind, it has opened my life to some incredible experiences and I enjoy bringing a somewhat unique perspective to my work as one of Vital's Product Editors.

Today I'm lucky to travel around North America in search of the next best riding spot, hidden gems, and great beer. My gal and I enjoy living simply, experiencing places as a local (even if only temporarily), and visiting with friends around the country. We occasionally consider settling down, but after over five years of traveling non-stop we can't deny that we're hooked, possibly for life...

My current riding joys include pulling up hard and hucking test bikes into poor landings and techy sections with reckless abandon, then seeing how they react upon landing. Wyn Masters and Cody Kelley also have me pumped on getting as much back wheel action as possible. The many intricacies of suspension tuning and tweaking have me jazzed as well. No matter where or what I'm riding, I always find a way to hoot and holler or hold it wide as often as possible.

I welcome you guys to join me on instagram for a continued (although admittedly sporadic) look at how I live, where the trails are tacky, and what I'm up to in the world of bikes. It'd also be rad to join you all for a ride and a brew if/when we happen to be passing through your neck of the woods.

The community here on Vital continues to inspire me, and it's awesome reading about where we all got started and where we are now. Thanks so much for being part of it. YAY BIKES!