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I apologize for the late response, and to answer your question, I was only able to run the offset bushings on one end due to the tight clearance when fully depressed.

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Atomik Carbon on MTBR 01-25-2014:

"This hookless thing is just plain stupid and wrong on so many fronts......First of all Specialized did this as a cost savings measure, not an upgrade for performance. Second, when the rim loses the bead hook, the only thing keeping the tire on is the air pressure, lose the air pressure and the tire will burp or roll off. Those of you that are running higher pressures need not worry. Third, when you have a bead hook, the tire AND the bead hook share the load and work together. You are not stressing the tire alone. Fourth, by losing the bead hook you are losing lateral stiffness. The thickness of the bead accomplishes this, just like how an angle extrusion works....

To answer the ridiculous statement that cars don't, have bead hooks.....well a car tire also has much stiffer sidewall and beads. Racing Off Road trucks do in fact have bead stupid analogy. Don't think that every new development is a good one, some are just plain stupid."

Unbelievable, I would stay away from this company.


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Not an Enduro race, but Jerome did flat his Mavic system for a Downhill race he entered last season. I can't seem to find the race though.

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So many of the entries were kick ass!!!!
Almost every video got me amped up to ride and a number of them I watched over and over. If I had to pick a favorite shot it would have to be Kurt's high speed drift......I watched that scene more times...more

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3:10 is my favorite part because it reminds me of the Redbull slo-mo footage of MotoGP drifting. Moar!!!!!!

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Flex for some dampening is often welcomed. But flex that results in overloaded bushings and seals causing interrupted or no travel, is not.

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Maybe it's not measuring brake temp but just when the brake is applied? I would be interested in "brake-jack" data too.

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