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Reply to 2019 UCI World Cup Downhill Tech 3/29/2019 8:00 AM

add two pieces of cush core and you are on the scale, also honestly I would say for DH the edge of where the bike is too light could be around 15,5kg, it can be just a feeling, but I don´t like to ride really light bikes on gnarly trails, first thing ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 2/28/2019 5:14 AM

Yeah I know, but look at it, would you change anything? I guess not and I don´t think Keith would change the KS link so much. But I agree the area around a shock looks really so much Legend. Also I don´t think it would be worthy for them to develop completely ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 2/28/2019 4:52 AM

definitely not a Banshee, they have just released their 29" Legend to public. I would say it is a Mondraker mule

Reply to Name Atherton Bikes first DH Sled 1/30/2019 12:55 AM

just Additive

Reply to Maxim Magazine Calls New Harley Davidson Concept E-Moto a Pedal-less Bicycle 1/18/2019 2:22 AM

it looks like it is very much inspired by the Audi e-bike concept (which has been developed and designed in cooperation with EWS rider Milan Cizinsky) showed in 2012 video here

and yes, it manuals itself ... more »