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Sooooooo some personal experience. My new Meta AM (previous gen to this one) with marzocchi coil front and back comes in at 39lbs before water bottle. The first few rides were a bit of a slog, but my fitness caught up quickly and I don't really notice it all that much now. Plus the extra weight really seems to make it push harder n the downs. This is doing 23km/1000m days

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I was triggered by your initial question. The entire reason recent Fox CSU's creak is because in 2015 when they released the new 36 they made the crown 10mm lower at the steerer tube to minimize ATC height for the new taller 27.5 and 29" forks. The old 26" 36 forks had a super-tall bombproof crown, and there are still 2007 36 forks on dirt jump bikes around the world that don't creak, whereas my brand new 2020 36 creaked after three rides. All the while 10mm of axle to crown height doesn't really affect ride quality- just run one less spacer or a lower rise bar. 10mm additional stack height below the headtube equates to roughly 4mm of stack height above the headtube, so I'll take a taller ATC and no creaking any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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That drop down to a concrete handrail was insane.

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The Runt works quite well and does what Diaz says it does. It is a great value and a sweet upgrade that goes into your fork in about 5 minutes.

I agree with the race vid analysis. BT pulls ahead of himself with just a few extra pedal strokes and doesn't get the 2 seconds back during the rest of the run. This highlights perhaps the most important thing in enduro and pedally DH racing, that putting down power is the easiest place to make time. Another thing about a race pace run in what looks like AZ- you better not go off the trail, cuz everything has giant thorns!

Cool vid, thanks!

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This is a question that we get a lot these days considering the mass offerings of coil spring conversions available on the market.

What we would say is that for a rear shock, the coil is a really great option. Rear air shocks require tight seals to be able to handle the air pressure, especially at full compression. This in turn creates at lot of extra friction on the entire system. With the coil spring, it alleviates a ton of friction, and gives you un-matched suppleness and mid-stroke support. The limitation of the coil spring has always been being able to find the exact right spring rate for every rider. Most riders find themselves between rates, and depending on riding style and preference they end up choosing between a spring that is either too stiff or too soft. In most cases, riders can get away with the stiffer rate because it's better for the overall suppleness than dialing in the preload. Sprindex adjustable coil springs may be changing the game on this front as far as dialing in your rate. We're looking forward to testing some of their springs here in the near future.

So, when it comes to forks, we're dealing with a totally different animal. Because of the design, especially self-equalizing air springs (Fox NA2 EVOl and RockShock Solo or DobonAir), modern forks do not require the tight seals that we see in rear suspension designs. So we ultimately have much less friction in the fork, freeing up the potential with tuning the air spring.

With coil conversions and coil fork offerings, the same issue we see with people being between rates on the rear shock, is even tougher with fork offerings. Most companies only offer 5, maybe 6 spring rates, which makes it even more difficult for riders to find the correct rate. In turn, the companies that are making these conversions and forks are improvising bottom-out mechanisms to essentially help keep people from hitting full bottom out when their spring is too soft.

The other issue with coil forks is that, instead of being on the outside of the rear shock body, the spring is confined to the inside of the fork stanchion. These fork springs are very long in comparison to a rear shock spring, so as the fork goes through it's travel, the spring needs room to move around, which adds more friction to the system. Visualize pushing rope. To be perfectly clear, coil forks can be a great option for some people, but the likely-hood of nailing the spring rate for the rider weight is slim.

So, with the RUNT, you can actually take the linear rate of a coil spring, and dial it in to the exact rate you need for your weight, riding style, preference, and the terrain you're riding. Depending on the accuracy of your shock pump, this means you can adjust the L chamber in 2.5 psi increments, which we have found makes a noticeable difference.

We have had a number of customers that are always trying the latest and greatest go from being on a RUNT, to trying numerous coil conversions, and ultimately ended up back on the RUNT for all the reasons above.

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Forgive me if I am misreading you here, but do you think that is a step in the process we somehow missed? At the risk of being redundant, the clip in the video is for demonstration purposes, not a literal display of what we did once over the course of a four-month test.

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You can catch my SB140 thoughts here. There's a big difference between the bikes given the different wheel sizes. In comparison, the SB140 is solidly in the play bike category. I think the Switchblade would serve as a better all-around ride in varied terrain.

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Doesn't it seem like all the positive attributes of the Trust forks can be achieved by running less sag and more compression on your existing telescopic fork? Less brake dive, doesn't throw you forward when you hit braking bumps or deep holes, stability on steep sections, etc, these are the benefits of the Trust but they're also the reasons why pros run 10% sag or less on their forks. And it seems like the tradeoff is the same: harshness. Sounds like the Trust is harsh on small bumps, and I can promise you that running a telescopic fork at 6% sag is also harsh. Even the advice is the same, “it feels rough, but you get used to it.” So couldn't you save $1000 and just pump more air in your current fork? Ride faster, brake later, and hold on for dear life.

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Liked a comment about product review Unlike Anything Else - Trust Shout Linkage Fork Reviewed 1/31/2020 8:30 PM

I'd like to chime in with my experience. I got one on loan to demo on my own bike since I'm local to them in Utah. No doubt it takes a few rides to get used to the fork! I had to adjust to riding more forward on the bike which is a part of what makes the fork work well. It wasn't until a very long day of muddy wet and cold rock riding that I had the breakthrough moment that I hadn't dabbed in hours of riding while buddies were slipping around.

After I removed the fork and went back to my Lyric 170 that I noticed how soft and un supportive my old fork was. I had spent a year of dialing in my compression and tokens and now it just wasn't the same. Of course, I tried firmer settings but then I lost the tracking I needed.

I eventually had to have one on my bike. -I did get a hookup- I'll admit that.

I'm a tiny human at 125lbs and wondered if this fork would be even better for bigger riders that struggle with fork flex. I usually like pretty light damping too. I've been diligent about leaving the damping at the recommended settings.

I took it to Virgin during Rampage and rode all the scary lines I've always ridden and just loved the action on Flying Monkey, and the steep drop filled lines of Old Rampage.

I'm an old school rider that jumps wheel high too often and hangs off the back too much. I've had to focus on landing nose heavy more often to avoid the harshness of slapping the front wheel down. It's been good for my technique! It's so awesome to just point the front wheel right into trail garbage and centerpunch landings.

I understand that there are drawbacks but I feel the upsides are greater and I'm surprised that more people aren't saying how mind blowing it is through the rough hacked up trails. I hear people praising it for this but to me it's a real standout quality. The cornering is indeed amazing. The dynamic offset keeps the front wheel slightly further ahead of you during deep compressions which keeps the steering slowed down a bit and helps stability. I think that bikes don't need to be so slack with a Trust fork. We've gone crazy slack to keep the front wheel way out there but we just have had no choice. If the head angle was a little bit steeper the harsh slap down effect would be reduced. The fork stays up in it's travel so well that the front wheel almost seems too far out- too slack.

The price, well it's $256 more than a Fox 40 factory. Seems fair for a full carbon chassis, bearings, recirculating thru shaft damper, etc.

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Liked a comment about feature A New Kind of Evil - Bike Check with Graham Agassiz and Tom van Steenbergen 1/30/2020 5:53 PM

reading is hard. from article "and while an air shock is in these photos, he has an X-Fusion coil on another bike and will be swapping that over."

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Liked a comment about press release Sprindex: Adjustable Coil Spring Rate on the Fly 12/1/2019 9:52 AM

Okay, this is cool.

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Liked a comment about product review Long-Term Test: Transition Scout 11/9/2019 9:41 PM

I’ve been riding one of these for the latter part of this year. I was a massive fan of the OG Scout and been waiting to get on this iteration for a while. I pretty much agree with everything said here but I think 4/5 stars is generous. To be honest I think this thing is too slack and too heavy to be a good trail bike - better just buy a Patrol as it’s no heavier. It’s lost a lot of that snappy feel all good trail bikes should have.
There are annoying niggles as mentioned (hey Transition you missed half the chainstay with your guard! C’mon! - and your internal routing is still awful) though I will say I expect these frames to last longer than the old ones did.

I’m now running a 216x63 shock in mine and it fits fine, no interference at full travel etc. 160mm fork. So it’s now nearly a Patrol with short chain stays...

Oh and seatpost insertion is inadequate - they reduced the height of the seat tubes over the old bikes but my post won’t go in as far! What the heck!? I had a 150mm drop post on my old Scout but it won’t go anywhere near far enough into the frame on the new one and now have to use a 125mm as compromise and adjust it with a QR clamp. That should not be in issue these days, Transition. Feel like they got so excited about their SBG thing they forgot to consider much else.

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#fortheloveofthegame (all the past surveys since 2012 have been on our site for free).

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Liked a comment about feature On eMTB's and Mountain Bikes 11/1/2019 6:19 PM

And here I thought most of the e-MTB haters were on Pinkbike...

Aside from whatever laws are in place in certain locations, I don't get why so many people have the need to try to dictate what can be ridden on a mountain, what makes you "part of mainstream culture" or what-not. Does it really bother you so much that someone else is enjoying riding they way they want to enjoy it? Some people use the "you should earn the ride by climbing" argument, some people use the "if it has a motor it's a moped" argument, some people use the "you're lazy or fat or out of shape" argument... it's just sad.

I agree with one of the comments below - this "article" does show that it’s still a long way to go for the US and especially for US journalists to understand/accept that there's other things someone can ride on a mountain. Over in Europe and parts of Asia when I was overeas there's no e-MTB hate, there's no nitpicking about "what's mainstream" or what's selling more.

Side observation: One of the points of argument in the above article "Vital MTB's reader survey trends" shows two things:

A. Yes, this only reflects the people who took a VitalMTB survey, not the rest of the world. and
B. Of all those lines on the graph, there's only one in the last 3 years that is going upward.

So I guess what's alarming is just how "passionate" the anti-eMTB people are to comment against everything and anything related to e-MTB, especially here in the US.

And just for transparency I own a regular mountain bike, an e-mountain bike, a flat bar road bike, and an enduro 250cc motorcycle... and an e-mountain bike is in no way the same as a motorcycle. Oh well.

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Liked a comment about press release Kona Wants You! To Join the Ambassador Program 10/31/2019 7:13 PM

Hey Beez177- I run this program at Kona and I can tell you that I don’t care if you have 10,000 followers or 10. Social media participation is not required whatsoever. I also don’t care if you’re a super hardcore rider or not. There are so many awesome people that can represent a brand that don’t need to be pro-level riders. We are looking for ambition, good attitudes, and people that want to work with us and other ambassadors to craft some unique projects and help lift up their local cycling communities.

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Liked a comment about news blog RESULTS: Red Bull Rampage 2019 10/26/2019 12:49 AM

I don’t know how much fun I’d have actually attending this event. I was nervous throughout the entire broadcast. The guys who went back up and repeated full send second runs are all the people’s choice winners. Honestly impossible to differentiate runs on a scoring basis. Rampage is so far beyond comprehension. What a show.

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