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Reply to Shimano Working on a New Saint Derailleur? 10/16/2020 10:43 AM

It is overdue. That said, not many groupsets have had the staying power and reliable, pro-level performance of Saint for as long as it has. Goes to show just how good it is.

Reply to Why are there still no 200mm+ Enduro bikes? 2/28/2020 6:26 PM

Suspension set for "drops" isn't the same as suspension set for speed or racing. Horses for courses. Even back in the free ride era, pro DH riders didn't run the same suspension as free ride guys did. In addition, free ride bikes were tanks and shit ... more »

Reply to 2020 Mountain Bike Team Rumors 10/24/2019 10:56 AM

There should be zero 'requirement' or quota for a team to sponsor any ratio of genders (or any other factor). The only protocol for sponsorship should be a mutual agreement between each racer and the sponsoring company. The company's perceived value ... more »

Reply to Maxim Magazine Calls New Harley Davidson Concept E-Moto a Pedal-less Bicycle 1/17/2019 10:42 PM

Agree. That said, turn of the century, most motorcycle brands started out making bicycles. The early motorcycles where just bikes with motors grafted on somehow. Seems we have come full circle.

Reply to Danny Mac Races a Horse and It's Kinda Lame (Not the Horse) 1/7/2019 7:56 PM

Dammit Jeff!! I cannot up vote this enough. I'm 44 and this was my LIFE in the 80's. ??

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 9/20/2018 5:00 PM

Maybe to you. But a vast majority of sponsors disagree with you. The numbers don't lie

Reply to Are today's entry level DH bikes as good as high end of the past? 9/13/2018 10:26 AM

I am 44, raced expert/semi-pro NORBA and regional stuff mid 1990's to 2002 or so. The entry level YT just released is better in every way than bikes of that era. Brakes, geometry, tires, suspension, sifting, chain retention, etc. Bikes 6-10 years ago ... more »

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 9/12/2018 12:20 PM

Thank you for the logic and intelligent response onenerdykid*. What the cameras didn't show was he was talking to a few folks out of picture as well. Later he is sitting there chilin like the rest of them

Reply to 2018 DH World Championships Bikes 9/7/2018 10:59 AM

She is so Rad and so far ahead of all other juniors it's embarrassing almost. Such a lack of competition in the women's junior field or is she just a phenom?

Reply to 2019 Racing Rumors 8/28/2018 3:13 PM

Haha! Yes! Be really cool to see whatever custom bike Gwin wants/needs painted up with 'Factory Strider' similar to the way other bike companies 'painted' up Intense frames 20 years ago.

Reply to Mountain Biker Jumps the Tour de France Peleton 7/17/2018 9:58 AM

Excellent! ?

Reply to 2018 Racing Rumors 7/3/2018 2:11 PM

Wow man. The color of a bike makes you that upset? You need to step away, get outside, go ride your bike (what ever color it is). Chill man

Reply to Zink Has Built a 150-foot Gap Jump 1/31/2018 9:32 AM


Reply to Current Enduro Bikes, One bike to rule them all, or all hype? 1/29/2018 2:21 PM

I am fortunate enough to live in Denver and have access to several lift-assisted bike parts. I hit Whistler each year for several days. Therefore I have both a DH and a trail bike. Modern enduro/trail bikes are excellent machines in so many ways. However, ... more »

Reply to 2017 Rampage Bikes 10/12/2017 6:55 PM

Does Brian Foster know about the #bluefalcon tag? Ha..

Reply to Let's Build the Most Expensive DH Bike Ever 1/13/2016 6:59 PM

Thomson Titanium Riser bar $450 at Chain Reaction. Even crazier money than the Enve bar