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Haha! Yes! Be really cool to see whatever custom bike Gwin wants/needs painted up with 'Factory Strider' similar to the way other bike companies 'painted' up Intense frames 20 years ago.

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Maybe. Lets look at this (Whistler EWS)

Sam does count and 100% could pick the Mega 290. He picks the 275.
Martin has a 130mm 29er to pick if he'd like. Word is its easy to long stroke to 140mm (same travel as a lot of other 29ers)
Eddie was on a 29er
Nocolai was on the Torque (27.5)

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Need a taller frame?

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it is indeed a 1-up, the one rack to rule them all (seriously, best MTB purchase I've made aside from my first dropper)

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Man kudos on that build! Super stealthy with just a bit of bling, not too much. Great use of that frame. Bike park slayer right there!

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Judging by how that bike is hanging, they've apparently solved the "Don't pull up" issue.

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I hope RS is also addressing the abysmal reliability issues with the Reverb and not just focusing on electronic activation

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I agree with the one less hose/housing but I think a ground up reverb design is in order. Call the next one an Ēverb.

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Suspicious indeed. This reminds me of the 1996 Olympic picks for the US XC team. Tinker did place higher in all the qualifying events around the country. However, Tomac won every event on the actual Olympic course he entered prior the Olympics if I recall. He should have been on the Olympic team. Tomac was at a higher point in his career at the time. Tinker, a true pro and badass, was entering the twilight of his pro XC career. Summary: politics, politics, politics.

My 2 cents. :D

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Totally, hit nicely formed jumps completely sux.

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Cheers mate! Honestly, I've no idea how much it weighs :p

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Most of us DON"T want to look like a hybrid roadie or backwoods hiker on our MTB's. Plenty of options out there for that.

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$150 for shoes that last around or less than a year of periodic weekly use is unacceptable.

I ride flats exclusively and have had about every version that 5.10 or even Intense made and they last less and less these days. My freeride pros have been the best fit and function but as other have...more

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Very sexy machine!! However, 35 lbs? Can that be right?

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