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Drop in to the beat

From the rowdiest of metal to the most gangster of rap, music has an influence on how people ride their bikes. With the capability of having thousands of songs at ones finger tip music has become part of the lifestyle of biking. Some find it amazing to ride with music and others rather the sounds of nature. Personally, I enjoy both, but when the mood is right I plug in, and drop in. Since biking videos have been around people have enjoyed riding to the song of their favourite rider or segment from a video. Music has become more apparent in the biking world and there is no doubt that it will continue to grow with the biking industry.

Music can help to create flow, style or speed. Through personal experience I have found out that my downhill riding improves if I am listening to shredding metal. My speed increases as I am trying to follow the insanely quick beat of a thrashing metal song. What also become apparent is the fact that my line choice improves greatly and I become more focused on how I could lower my time down the hill. When the bass is beating and the rhymes are being dropped my dirt jumping becomes more flowy and graceful. This is only in my personal experiences with riding with music, but others find that it becomes a distraction.

When discussing the subject of riding with or without music with friends I have found out that not everyone finds it helpful to have music while riding. Some find it to be to much of a distraction. They rather the sounds of nature and their tire edge grabbing the ground as they punch through a corner. Some say that it creates a hazard and blocks you off from what you should really be concentrating on. This can be seen in a urban area where you need to have both eyes and ears open to not only see whats in front of you, but also to hear what may be coming around the corner. The need to be more aware of whats around has become more apparent. Overall it become a personal preference to have a tune playing while riding or not, but one thing that bikers can agree upon is the choice of tunes in a biking video.

Mountain biking videos rely highly upon the video images that are taken, but not just the video. They also rely upon the music choices. No matter how amazing the video footage is, it needs to have some sort of music to it whether it be rock, rap or electronica. As the mountain bike industry has grown over the years so has the music industry. People have begun to acquire different music tastes and this can be dramatically seen throughout the New World Disorder series. If you watch the first few New World Disorder movies you can defiantly notice that the music is either rock or rap. Then over the years electronic, pop, and hip hop music were introduced into the movies and has seemed to stick around and become a new style.

Music can affect a person by 'amping' them up and making the rider feel as if nothing can stop them. This may be great in some ways to help improve upon someones skills, but it can also create an invisible barrier that can bring a person to a sudden halt. The music can make a person so pumped up that they reach a point where they can no longer handle their bike or speed and this can cause them to end up in a dusty mess of a crash. Not only will a crash be caused by a rider being to 'amped' up from amazing music, but it can also happen if the wrong song shuffles onto their play list.

At one point in time, someone who rides with music has experienced having an amazing day of riding while listening to music and then the wrong song switches over their headphones and they start to lose their flow, speed, and choice in lines to ride. This can end up in a catastrophic crash because of a wrong song. With speaking to my friends Mr. Callum Jelley he stated, “I love to ride with music when I'm on my own, but I have found that I will end up in a crash or poor choice of lines if an ignorant song happens to play over my headphones.” Crashing may be apart of riding a bicycle, but one wrong song can cause an accident in a matter of seconds.

Riding with or without music is based on personal preferences. For those who ride along to extravagant musical creations; style, speed and thrill increase. Some people find music to create a barrier between them and the true nature of biking. One thing that all mountain bikers can agree on is the fact that most people will get new music from the new, revolutionary biking movies that are produced these days. From Kranked to New World Disorder, new music has been introduced to it's followers. From what use to be rock and roll or heavy rap has now expanded into new tempos and beats. Music has had a huge influence on the biking world and will continue to grow well into the future.
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