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Yeah old dog!!

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I could listen to Eddie tell stories all day.

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I think a dumpster fire or at least a dumpster is the most appropriate tattoo for Boris.

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These stories could probably take up their own thread!

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In all seriousness, any combo/orientation of the DHF/DHR combo is solid. I personally prefer the DHR2 up front.

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Hope the Denim Destroyer gets picked up for factory support!

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Only 29 pounds? Daaaang

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Christopher has a point, that is a heavy bike!

Still, those commenting below that a lot of EWS bikes are in the upper thirties with a race ready tire/suspension setup is something I'd agree with.

My Sentinel (alloy) with air suspension, ready to race with about 1.5lbs of tools...more

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I got it on lay away for now, original loan didn't go thru!

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Full review coming in hot...

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like a telephone. (dialed)

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I will be editing up a slalom bike check gallery on Monday.
Spending too much time on the mic- but the vibe here at Trestle is dynamite.
We go live in the mic in 10 min in preparation for pro dh qualies- the track is HARD and the air is THIN.

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Two things...

1) From the sounds of it, this would be an incredibly good race bike for hacks like me. Guys who can pedal but need some forgiveness when things get crazy and you get tired, which is sure to happen.

2) How long till someone buys one and puts a 29" up front?

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Thanks for the props! Can't promise it's something we'll always be able to do, but we really felt like it was all the bike needed this time around and we were stoked that it was a fairly small change from an engineering standpoint - it was that extra little bit...more

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Terrible looking shoes. They look like medical orthopedic shoes..