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Custom SCOTT Gambler Raw Carbon

It’s not cheating, it’s just dumb. Why would you run xc casings on a Dh bike. I had rimpacts with exo+ and still managed to destroy the tyre. So whoever built this bike either has no idea how DH riding works or built it for someone who rides Dh bikes on xc loops.

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Santa Cruz MegaTower Park

looks like a show bike built up for display by a bikeshop... hideous IMO!

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the Pontiac Aztek of bikes!!

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The HEAVY use of single use plastics in bike packaging was the worst part of my job at Art's. And to make it worse, San Luis Obispo doesn't even accept the plastics WITH the recycling logos on.

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They totally 1 upped MOB!!!
Looks like they ditched hope components... hope brakes are low on power.

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It warms my heart to see him not in a Leatt abortion helmet.

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Shocks are tuneable, but if you have a bad kinematics the overall performance can't be good. For instance, if your suspension is severely affected by braking forces there's nothing you can do to solve that with the shock settings (nowadays it's rare to find that extreme cases, but 10/15 years ago a lot of kinematics were bad, and far from the standards of today). Moreover, if you want pedaling performance, and if your bike has a very low anti-squat you have to increase LSC or pedal platforms to compensate the lack of anti-squat, and using more compression damping can decrease the sensitivity of the suspension. If your bike has a linear or regressive leverage ratio and if you are a hardcore rider, you may need extra high-speed compression (causing hardness and loss of sensitivity...). Kickback is a secondary parameter, and it's more importante during climbing (where you feel it the most). I like to show it but usually I don't give much importance to it for DH. The most important factors that will determine the overall behavior are the braking/acceleration performance (anti-rise/squat respectively) and the leverage ratio (progressivity). Also, the shape of the axle path can increase the bump absortion when more rearwarded (like the Zerode, Jedi, or the new Commençal DH V4) smile Bye

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