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So sorry to hear you have to part with it. I hope you can find someone willing to pay what it's worth! Will you still be showcasing it at sea otter? I was looking forward to checking it out!

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That was a really awesome article... after I read it I was watching a video from Crankworx(I think it was 2012), there was interview with Cam Zink where he mentions the first time that he ever tried a front flip(In his finals run at Crankworx 2011). ... more »

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No, although I've followed vital for quite a while I only just recently joined the forums. I wish I could have come and checked it out though! I will be in Oakhurst(Not far from there) this Sat-Tues. And plan on trying some more of the trails around ... more »

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My brother and I are XC/trail riders in our mid 20's that live in Modesto. Since the biggest "mountain" within riding distance is a highway overpass, we usually like to try to take trips to explore new trails in some real mountains at least once a month. ... more »

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I want to start off by saying Vital is my first stop when my computer turns on to start my day. Especially on days when I will not be able to ride, because it provides that little adrenaline boost that I live for. I think everyone has touched on the ... more »

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Assuming you weren't just joking: I don't think that would be a good idea. The pawls' shape and size are designed to mesh with the teeth in the freehub body and the spray on compound would change their dimensions, even a small change could have a drastic ... more »

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In terms of physics and conservation of energy.... any noise is energy lost from your forward momentum. Whether or not the energy loss is anything significant in comparison to rolling friction, and all of the other contributing factors is a different ... more »