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BIKERDELIC - A Sheffield MTB Film

Please watch our movie, we think you'll enjoy it.


BIKERDELIC is a mountain bike movie filmed in Sheffield. We are a small crew of mountain bike riders from Sheffield. 

The bike riders in the video are Ross Jarman on the Calibre Sentry, George Finney on the Calibre Bossnut and Tom Weir on the custom Juliana Furtado. Adrian Wood is also featured riding his custom Clique Dirt Jump bike. There are also a few features from our friends MC Roper and Brandon Steel. We spent the summer filming this movie when we were asked to make something for a video premiere after the local Bolehills BMX track Halloween jam.

We hope that when you watch this mountain bike film, you'll get a feel of what it is like to ride in Sheffield. 

There is a huge scene of amazing riders and sick trails here. Big up to everyone involved along the way. 

We're buzzing to show you this video, and we're already out filming the next one. 

We hope you enjoy it!


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