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Added a comment about product review Always up for a good time, the Trail Pistol will never let you down 12/27/2016 7:33 AM

I use the Soulrun roll in addition to the N.U.T.S. strap/kit that can be ordered with the bike. The tool roll is fastened underneath the seat rails, currently.

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Added a comment to benitosbro's bike check 8/18/2015 7:32 AM
Yeti SB-66

The Push Industries Eleven.Six shock has elevated the performance dramatically- taking this for a great handling bike, to an exceptional all-mountain shredder.

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox BoXXer and TLD SE PRO Bike Kit - Vital OTB, 2012 Hafjell World Cup 9/14/2012 8:19 AM

Gwin 3:28.583
Rachel Atherton 4:02.003

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