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Freeracing at it's best. Wyn is great. A real survivor. He's fast and obviously wants to be at the big show as evidenced by WynTV. He scrounges up the Bulls Bike sponsorship to stay there and now he's rewarded for his struggles by GT. I'd call him the American Dream, but he's not.

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I'm elated that Paul is walking under his own power, and elated that we have actually managed to move the needle.

BT, props! Keep up the good work.

Zink, your courage on the advocacy / ambassador side is just as impressive as your courage on the trail. Good luck with the union. If there is anything we can do to help, please say so. I would like to offer whatever resources I can, if there is a way you need help in terms of outside assistance. email: mike at

Red Bull - Thanks. Good work on the response (so far). We will be keeping this conversation alive so we look forward to continued progress.

Good things!

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C'mon Spomer... You sound way younger and sprightlier than your avatar suggests. Let's have a banger question for tomorrow. The others seemed reasonable to me. But I'm no pro. But tomorrow I'm sure we'll see a real blockbuster. How 'bout "Exactly what percentage of your line will be spent on the ground and exactly what percentage not." That's more Pinkbike approved yeah?

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Dang I remember getting so stoked on Darren's content as a kid.

Whats even better is that you seldom see shit like this nowadays.


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Wow, slow day at Vital or what??

I dropped a big dump this morning, in case you want to put up the official announcement.....

-3 2 5

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Fixed 106/64 spider?
200 grams heavier than RF SixC??
Almost $700 with BB and tool???

How dumb do those robots think we are?
I guess they gotta pay Chuckles sombrero expenses some how....

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