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So, I am generally very anti-ebike on singletrack because of the possibility of causing access issues for mountain bikes.. However I do see a plus side to this. When I was growing up my dad was diagnosed with a heart condition that made bow hunting virtually impossible. However he really liked bow hunting. So he bought a crossbow to use with a little motor that cocked it for him. In Florida where I am from you were allowed to use a crossbow during bow season only if you were disabled. I see something similiar to that model working in the biking world. For a regular able-bodied person, tough luck. Go get in better shape. But for injured or disabled people this could be a great thing.

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AKA "Pata-gucci"

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FOX is not actually a team sponsor, they work with Aaron directly, hence they were not included in the team announcement. And for the record, proof-reading a press release would not involve adding a name to a list of sponsors...

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Ah mate, I love that story! I can see he his face now He's probably enjoying a big growler somewhere right now eh?

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This morning has been a whirlwind of emotions. Trying to fight back tears and sadness, while simultaneously laughing at some of the adventures and stories. Kelly was an amazing person and I'm fortunate enough to have known him for a number of years.

One of the Kelly memories that came up this morning was from 2011 at the US open. To make a story short, we were done for the day and heading back to the hotel. The area Raleigh rep's wife, was hanging out with us and told Kelly she had a big growler waiting for Kelly back at the hotel. The look of shock and confusion on the big guys face will never be forgotten. It took a few more minutes before we found out that the only definition of a growler that Kelly knew was a euphemism for lady parts!

Kelly, you were one of a kind and won't ever understand how many people you've inspired through your life. Cheers Bruh, I hope you're in a better place and the memories never be forgotten.

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