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it sucks when weather decides the race. i find it hard to believe given the huge cost to the teams and sponsors of putting on this event it's better to run the main or allow it to finish in insane weather. run it earlier if weather is looking crazy or push it back a few hours. it's not like the stream is live anyway. with seven races there aren't any to waste.

i love watching dh. i think racing is rad. i even own a carbon dh bike. i seriously hate this outcome and how everyone is like 'well it's racing'. it's the world cup!! there need to be contingencies for weather interfering in the race. everybody races dry or everyone races wet, it can't be split. it invalidates the result and weakens the sport

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SO sick is right.

Thought about it more, I am starting to believe the wheel size thing is less of a big deal than we think in terms of "changing the sport".

Worth noting, Brycleland had his big season mostly aboard 26" wheels (right?) when nearly every other team was on 27.5" wheels.

My point is, overall, I think the wheels will be more of a wash in terms of outright advantage than most think. What I do think will happen is a reshuffling of whos near the top as there may be certain riders who find themselves more comfortable on the bigger wheels than they ever did on the smaller wheels. Some of these riders may be dark horses in a way, and this will be super exciting.

Bring on the racing!

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I invite you to go up there and ride that Sir. You'd shit your pants. "Nothing to do with skill." Courage is a skill right along with riding skinny, deadly ridges and riding off cliffs. Do you have them?

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Peaty still winning

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It would make me a happy boy if the Vail Whistler aqusition leads to a world cup in Colorado down the line

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