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Thanks brotha. I hope so as well. Someone will definitely love this bike as much as I do. Unfortunately my sister decided she wants to get married this year and with other trips already planned I will not be making Sea Otter this year with it.

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Thats why I uploaded it again since they took it down very soon the same day they posted it. I happen to have saved it and reuploaded it for anyone else to see

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For anyone that missed the video at the top

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Completely Airbrushed. Sounds like a great idea! We shall be in contact at Sea Otter then. You won't be able to miss me on the bike so we will talk for sure!

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Haha thanks man. Yeah my good friend Dan Swan of is the man! He made my visions become reality. He will definitely hook your tables up! Get in touch with him.

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Ill be at Sea Otter as well! I look forward to talking with you guys! Definitely interested in seeing whats in the works. Heres to hoping of a possibility of black to go on my bike since I think we have 2 different greens

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Whats going on Ronnie!? Glad to see someone here from DVO. I am definitely looking froward to checking out the new stuff you have in the works. Definitely interested in seeinf what comes out of it and seeing if the right thing for me.

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Any takers at $850 plus shipping?