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Looks like a Session.

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All I have to say is good luck to them. The whole Atherton image is built around results and professionalism. They aren’t the young, fashionable rippers that they used to be. Gee needs to get podiums to prove this concept. Rachel is between a rock and a hard place. If she doesn’t dominate like we are used to seeing, everyone will blame the bike. if she continues to win, people will say that bike doesn’t matter.

I think they should have taken on an up and coming young rider who can make the right shapes and bring something fresh to the Atherton bike brand. Someone like Kade would have been perfect.

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Both are great pedals. The Vaults still have the edge when it comes to grip, it may be that these Konas will do a bit better when it comes to longevity, it's still a bit early to tell.

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Definite concussion - really shouldn't race - really shouldn't be *allowed to make the decision* to race or not. Shame on the UCI for not having concussion protocols in place. They can have rules for team jerseys and all the other stuff, but don't have one to cover basic rider safety.

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i Had a 36 in the bike before those and it was hard to leave that good strong security fill of the 20 mm Axle...

the travel is shorter from stock its 150mm now so the axle to crown is like the OEM fork that came with the bike.

and the bottom line is all comes to you if you can live with the wight in the front..(i think that now the bike is more balanced to the front side so it does down like hell) ... i love the 36 with the 20 axle .

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...the point is... what the camera guy did was rude and inappropiate, but the old guy started a "criminal" offense... at least when you consider german law... which could mean 500-2000$ fine... by the way...the "young gun" deserved it...i thnik

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