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Reply to Trek remedy 8 2018, or trek fuel ex 7 2018 10/31/2017 8:21 PM

I'd get the remedy too, I'm just not feeling 29ers, must be the playfulness of a smaller wheel that has me hooked.

Reply to 2018 Racing Rumors 10/10/2017 9:55 AM

Muddy did have a pretty bad year, sucks when you finally get on a factory team and then your results are worse than the year before. I guess sometimes it better to be the underdog

Reply to Cannondale Jekyll 4 11/1/2016 9:30 PM

medium for you sounds like its would fit for sure, my friend is about that height and he rode a med.

Reply to Cannondale Jekyll 4 10/31/2016 5:40 PM

Sounds like a great deal to me. I think they spec'd the Jekyll 4 better than the 3 that year and the paint job is way better than the 3. You can upgrade the fork's damper if you wanted as well. I love my Jekyll, its such a race bike and handles soooooo ... more »

Reply to #do you even drift bro t-shirts? 7/28/2016 6:32 PM

thanks! sucks they are in euros lol

New thread #do you even drift bro t-shirts? 7/20/2016 10:02 PM

Does anyone know where I could get that #doyouevendriftbro t-shirt? I wasn't sure if it was just a sticker or if it was an actual shirt too?

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New thread Trek vs GT with Brook and Gee 4/18/2016 5:50 PM

I just realized that Brook MacDonald and Gee Atherton did an exact opposite team change this year and are now on bikes that I would wager suit each of their riding styles MUCH better than the prior season (I guess time will tell on that one). However, ... more »

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New thread Spring Break Mountain biking Ideas, please help!! 3/13/2016 10:59 AM

Hello everyone, I need your help on deciding where to go for a mountain bike vacation for spring break. I was all set on going to Moab UT but I just realized that its like a 12 hour drive and I don't think I want to go that far away. I'm in Northern ... more »

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New thread 2015 Trek Remedy 9 (650B) 19.5 3/6/2016 2:18 AM

Honestly if you like your bike to be more agile and jump sections instead of plowing through them THIS is the bike for you, forget the 29er. This bike corners amazingly, climbs anything in its path and accelerates the moment you let off the brakes, it ... more »

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New thread I need help coloring my saddle 9/4/2015 8:11 PM

So I just got this great new Eargon carbon pro saddle, it fits good but I can't return it. The edges of the saddle are this horrible light blue that is very different from the blue currently on my frame and it just looks horrible when paired together. ... more »

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New thread Might have messed up my specialized command post, any help? 11/26/2014 11:46 AM

So I just got my bike back together from having it shipped out to me, when I got the specialized command seat post back together I noticed it wasn't extending. The cable is attached and the seat mechanism is working, I deflated and then inflated the ... more »

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New thread Fox 34 or 36 160mm fork on my Stumpy EVO??? 8/22/2014 9:21 PM

So I just saw that one of the online bike shops is having a crazy sale on their 26 inch fox forks and I think I have to take advantage of the rising popularity of the 650 forks lol. Which should I get for my Specialized stumpy evo comp 26? The fork on ... more »

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New thread Specialized Enduro 650B vs. Devinci Spartan 7/17/2014 6:59 AM

I"m looking at either bike but I don't know which to really settle on, Do you guys have any suggestions? I know they just came out and I will not likely be able to test ride them back to back or anything but they look like they are the same bike almost.....the ... more »

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New thread Are there any bike maint. seminars around? 6/24/2014 8:29 AM

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot afford to buy any more mountain bikes for the rest of my life: the one I bought most recently was at the lower end of the price scale and still a considerable amount of money for a college student but biking ... more »

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New thread 2013 RS Revelation 150mm in MINT CONDITION! 2/21/2014 11:37 AM

This fork has only been ridden for half of a season and has just been serviced by one of the best companies in the USA (Push industries). Stancions are perfect and there isn't a blemish or scratch on the fork. I need to get $375 USD out of the fork and

... more »

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New thread I need to UN-matchmaker my Shifters, help please! 12/7/2013 7:31 PM

I am getting new brakes that are not avid and I just realized that my bike came stock with the sram matchmaker brake/shifter combo. Can I get a new bar clamp for my sram shifters? please say yes.....

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New thread Video Link please 12/2/2013 8:46 PM

I was wondering if you had the link to that video that was shot on a jump trail in New Zealand (rotorua bike park I think) and it was the two guys out trail riding and then a kid on a black stumpjumper flys by them jumping all over the place. I thought ... more »

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New thread Could this be a good comparable to an X01 setup? 11/29/2013 8:29 PM

I have wanted to convert my trail bike to a single ring set up for a little bit now but deep down I know I can't afford and XX1 or X01 components and my dual ring/guide/front derailure set up works fine. I"m not sure if this would even be compatable ... more »

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New thread 2013 RS Boxxer R2C2 New Condition!!!-$700 11/4/2013 3:12 PM

This RockShox boxxer has been mounted one time but not ridden! Everything on it is practically brand new and in mint condition. This fork also comes with lots of extras: Brand New (still in sealed package) pair of seals which will help with the cost

... more »

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New thread Get mine "Pushed" or just a new Fork?? 10/21/2013 9:18 AM

So the fork on my Specialized Stumpy Evo is lacking performance for sure, I am looking to make a change but I wasn't sure if I should send it out to the PUSH company and get it rebuilt or if I should just get a whole new fork all together and then sell ... more »

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