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Liked a comment about press release ENVE Releases $750 Air Pressure Station 12/23/2019 10:23 AM

A pressure regulator costs about... 10 dollars? Maybe 20 if you're splurging, so max 30 for all the fittings and the like. Adjust it using a gauge to the desired pressure and voila, you're done.

Yeah, not as comfortable since it doesn't have presets and a digital display, but cmon... 750 USD??? And it's probably sourced from china.

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Liked a comment about product review Tested: 210mm Dropper Post v2 from OneUp Components 12/6/2019 8:09 AM

Just installed my OneUp 210mm a few weeks ago, & largely agree w/ Vital: it's pretty darn close to perfect. A couple caveats: disagreement on lever ergonomics: I've tried most of the long-armed lever designs (e.g. RaceFace, PNW...) that mimic the long throw of a SRAM upshift paddle, & find their overall length and travel to be overkill. W/ the more compact OneUp lever mimicking the position of a Shimano downshift lever, I wind up moving my thumb less overall (less reaching back off the bars and around the lever). The result? Faster, easier actuation. Second caveat: OneUp v2 post return speed can be adjusted by adding air pressure to cartridge: I tuned mine to come back a tick faster than I could achieve w/ my old Reverbs, and love how much faster it responds and how easy it is to modulate.

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Liked a comment about feature How the UCI Made Me a Thief 11/12/2019 7:45 AM

I tried standing closer to the Canadian border with my phone to get on Rogers to tap into No dice.VPN for me.

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Liked a comment about feature How the UCI Made Me a Thief 11/12/2019 7:44 AM

The strategy UCI used is a classic price discrimination, you should not feel guilty about not paying, it's free in the rest of the world.

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Liked a comment about feature What Do 10,000 Mountain Bikers Think? Vital MTB Audience Survey Results and Market Trends 11/5/2019 8:56 PM

A lot of people only ride in the summer, so if you ask how much they ride every week they are going to tell you something like this... 4 times per week (in July-August). You should ask how many miles they do every year and which bike are they using.... 1K miles with the Roadbike + 2K miles with the Trailbike + 1K miles with the Enduro. Having that kind of info would be awesome.

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Liked a comment about press release BikeYoke Launches the Divine Dropper Post and Sagma Suspension Saddle 9/11/2019 6:43 AM

Any weight on those saddles? I guess itll pick up a bit of weight butt maybe taint a bad thing

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Liked a comment about product review Downcountry Dominator? 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy Review 8/20/2019 4:48 PM

FWIW, I came to this realization back when I had my first generation Transition Smuggler with a 160 (gasp) fork on it. That bike was f'ing awesome. It was way too heavy, but it showed me what an XC/trail bike could/should be. To date, that remains one of my favorite bikes.

I know I nauseate people with my "see they do it like this in the moto world", but yeah, all dirt bikes basically have the same geo be it if its for the track, a GNCC or something for Erzberg.

While I understand the XC side of things was more or less derived from road bike geometry, I think this needs to be completely shelved. I feel cognitive bias has more to do with that geometry remaining the norm on the XC side than outright performance.

The steepest head angle we should see going forward is 66 with 63-65 being the norm. Playing with fork offset will have a bit effect on handling, and the "feel" of the front end, too, and this isn't fully being exploited yet.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, really wish I could go pick one of these up!

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Liked a comment about feature The Ultimate Storytelling Bike for the Ultimate Storyteller - Gary Perkin's Santa Cruz Flippertower 7/25/2019 9:32 PM

Thanks folks ... still remember meeting Spomer at a NORBA so many years ago and knowing instantly I’d met someone who got this whole MTB thing. Years of Littermag then Vital later and that still holds true! Cheers for the good times on this journey of bikes!

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