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I've had to cut a piece of the duct tape I carry into a specific shape to hold bits down
I've cut a tube when I didn't have a patch and knotted it.
Had to hold a cable on with a zip tie and cut the end to keep it from sucking into the gears/chain/cassette
Had to cut a fender off that was zip tied on when it got ripped and dangled onto the tire (tried yanking it off by hand)
Cut a shoe lace that frayed/expanded/ballooned when it caught in a sprocket so I could re-tie it one hole shorter
Cut a piece of a ripped off shoe sole that was hitting my crankarm as I pedaled


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I know that Downcountry and short travel slack bikes are all the rage these days but let me add my point of view. I've ridden a few of these bikes and they are indeed a lot of fun and feeling light and spirited on climbs is great. I just ran into problems when pointing them downhill. They give you all the confidence and if you forget that you actually don't have that much travel nor proper burly components, the bike gets hammered really fast. Just a few boosts off of small trailside lips with landing cased into gnar and you can kiss your rear wheel good bye.
The geometry of these bikes seems really capable that I was not afraid of riding them on bikepark lines, just plowing through features and small rock gardens but after a few weeks I just realized how much damage I did to the light and fragile components these bikes are made of. It does get expensive to repair it all the time and I can only guess what those constant bottom outs (you don't feel them while riding but they are there, a lot of them) would do to the shocks and eventually frame.

I would say that if you are used to traditional XC and ride light terrain you will love this new breed of bikes, they will give you confidence never before seen on pure XC bikes. If you are enduro guy that is used to smash every feature and you just want something lighter for those quick after work laps, just be really aware of what bike you ride and don't hit those bigger lines because the bike will not tell you that it is out of its depth, it will take it, but only so much..

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Seems like it’s always mentioned which is good but I can’t believe how many people won’t even stop and move a small branch/medium size branch off a trail. Pretty embarrassing when you see how many riders use the trails and how few are willing to even give 2-3 mins of time.

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$8500 and 5 star value? I know, I know, top of the line components. Just shows how subjective everything really is. 5 star value, to me, has to be reserved for the bikes that offer race worthy performance around $3K (or less). Suggesting otherwise just shows how deep we all are down the bike rabbit hole. I could literally buy a trail bike and an enduro bike and have money left over for tires. THAT is value to me.

Just my $0.02. Good review and cool bike.

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Ultra soft Mary in Super Trail casing, please! Lots of us like to pedal a lot and live in places where it rains.

Same for you, Maxxis. There's a lack of gooey front tire options that aren't pushing 1200g.

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A pressure regulator costs about... 10 dollars? Maybe 20 if you're splurging, so max 30 for all the fittings and the like. Adjust it using a gauge to the desired pressure and voila, you're done.

Yeah, not as comfortable since it doesn't have presets and a digital display, but cmon... 750 USD??? And it's probably sourced from china.

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