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OUT: Brands being forced to spec SRAM Eagle SX/NX cassettes and SX rear derailleurs. A plastic derailleur shifting on a boat anchor.

IN: Progressive geometry across more entry level bikes.

PS. What about hardtails with seat angles of less than 76 degrees? The Nukeproof Scout, Whyte 905 and other trail hardtails seem to do just fine with that!

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He will be missed by so many, an icon of MTB. His parents raised a golden human being, wishing all of JL's family and friends some healing thoughts. To Claw, BBH, and Watts who were on that trip, f*cking hell, wish you guys some solace. #LongLiveJordie

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These supposedly dampen small vibrations, thus making the bike faster.
In order to dampen vibrations you need to absorb and dissipate the energy in the vibrations. That's a fact.
However, you need a mechanism to dissipate said energy. Your shock is compressed between two points forcing fluid through small holes which heats the shock, playdoh is heated when worked, piezoelectric crystals transform mechanical energy into electrical.
Axxios-tech has not disclosed the mechanism that performs this function. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
The best evidence I could find is a Swiss high school that has found that they can decrease the amplitude of vibrations in a plate by applying the stickers in the right position. Something you could also achieve with bubble gum.
With that said, if the goal was to decrease vibrations, by any whatever small amount, it wouldn't be impossible to achieve with a sticker. A highly viscous fluid in a sticker placed in a location with shear strain would dampen vibrations. It would do so by a very small, but measurable amount.
But this ain't it. The only function this sticker has is to make people who don't understand the premise pay for it.

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Embargo scramble sounds like a delicious Cuban breakfast

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BIG shout out to Boris, Sven, and Dan, and all world cup/ews photographers for that matter. The coverage you guys provide every race is phenomenal... From the photos (and editing), to the interviews, to being out there through thick and thin, you guys are the heros of mountain bike racing. There's a lot of people that don't get enough credit for doing what they do for racers and the world cup, but I have to tip my hat to the photographers that not only inspire me, but make mountain biking the best sport with the best coverage in the world. Cheers boys, I already can't wait for next season!

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Just after Gwin won I started thinking about the different bikes he's won on, YT, Demo (two different models?, Enduro Evo, Session (multiple models?). I think it would be cool to do an article on World Cup winners that have won multiple WC's on different bikes and maybe how their setups differed. Just a thought...

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The "with" picture should really show the rider unable to stop, hitting the car...

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Courtesy of Uncle Cliffy.

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finn looked fast.

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