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I'm just as curious as anyone! That's why I wish the Instinct was in there, to see how you guys think it compares.

I know product managers put a lot of thought into the spec of the bikes and custom tuning of the rear shocks. But that's why I said there needs to be two parts. One part is what you guys did here, complete bike comparisons. The bikes were spec'd the way they were for a reason and that is how they are bought, so of course those configurations need to be tested. You guys did a great job of that here, I thoroughly enjoyed all 36 minutes of it! The supplemental test would then be to isolate the suspension design and geo. We are all just bike nerds and want all the information!

I remember the days when you would have to change half the bike before you took it out for a ride, we are lucky bikes come ready to ride now.

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I definitely think you are missing a bike...
But solid review nonetheless, really enjoyed that!

Although I think you went halfway on this. You wanted to do a back-to-back, strict comparison of the bikes. Well bike makers don't make the parts, so why would you have different parts on each bike? If you wanted to do a 'different' review and properly review each bike back-to-back I personally think you should have had the same part spec(mainly wheels/tires, brakes, suspension, cockpit.) Then you really find out which 'bike' is the best, as in rear suspension feel/geo. And then you can add in the spec'd parts to the review. Bottom line there should be two parts to it: Test the bikes with the same spec to get a proper feel for the bike, and then test the bike with what is spec'd. Then someone can pick the bike based on how they want it to ride and what it comes spec'd with. 2¢

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Vital MTB, I've always enjoyed The Test Sessions as they are honest, and are chalked full of interesting information. That being said, as much as I've tried to be a bike nerd, I'm wired differently, therefor I loved watching you guys huck your meat while racing against the clock and finding each bikes limitations. BT, you are like the ageless wonder, so fun to watch ride a bike and hear your giggles throughout. SW, I've missed your snark, honesty and monster truck mentality. I'm not sure where I fall in the overall demographic of riders, however in terms of capturing my attention for an entire 30+ minute video, you knocked it out of the park and I was left wanting more. I've always secretly been interested in analytics, and raw data, so utilizing the LITPro device made this whole experience even more interesting. Was stoked to see this category being tested, as I know from experience against the clock that ultimately long travel 29ers are the fastest and most capable steeds, maybe not always the most fun to ride on every trail however.

Some ideas for future tests:
- USA vs Canada manufacturers
- I would love to see something E BIkes as I believe that will be the future
- Boutique Brand 27.5 Bike Battle
+ Guerilla Gravity MegaTrail
+ Banshee Rune
+ Canfield Brothers Balance
+ Evil The Insurgent
+ The DC Special hehe
+ Intense Tracer
+ Knolly Warden
+ Nicolai Ion-G16-GPI Qlfline
+ Orange Alpine 6
Just to name a few as it would be rad to see some lesser known bikes and brands highlighted...gonna need to find a angel investor to donate to this cause as test bikes don't magically grow on trees.

I would like to know whether or not your race test section was Trinidad or not, as there seems to be a bit of a joke going on around Vital HQ. Other locations I would like to see highlighted:

- Windrock, Tenn + due to the raw nature of the area
- Moab, UT + Because its such a classic venue and it would be fun to ride the same trails where the tests take place, mostly so I can smoke you guys
- The PN'dub(Oregon to BC Coastline) + Loam, roots, loam, g outs, loam...most fun trails I've ever experienced

Thank you all again at VitalMTB for making my life more fulfilled and full of stoke. Maybe someday I can be apart of this test process, but in the meantime the video really brought to life what it takes to create this type of content. I know how much work you all put into this, as well as the podcasts, and other features your provide and solute you for your efforts. I look forward to the next one!

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Are you guys sure those stanchions are 32mm? Not 31.99?

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