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I have been riding Absolute Black's Oval for a while, first on X0 Cranks and now on Next SL's. I ride single speed and have noticed a dramatic difference on climbs on loose or wet terrain. I do not really notice it anywhere else but I am sold and will not switch back.

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Granted YT makes a proper bike, that you can't argue that it does the simple aspects of what a bike needs to do...but what sets the Spider 275c apart it as the ride quality, the service (tell me you've seen a more detailed and user serviceable owners manual and I will buy you a beer), aesthetics and name brand product (no unbranded product to be seen)...these are all things a boutique brand requires and utilizes to set its bar high compared to bargain priced bikes. Granted the $$ speak a lot but that's what makes it unique, special and not just another package in the mail.

Give it a go some time. You are more than welcome to give my Intense Carbine 29 a run for it's money too.

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