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Hey @tnewpher There wasn't any discussion around this that I was involved in. It's not something that I would personally recommend and given the bike wasn't designed for it, I don't think SCB would suggest it either. But, you could do it if that were something that you were interested in. Cheers!

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Santa Cruz Hightower CC

XL frame, on the thread, it looks like Large and under fit smaller 21oz bottles. I like the newer Camelbak Podium bottles because they lack the big groove near the top and hence fit shorter and narrower at the top for more clearance.

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Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by the durability of the wheels so far. About 2.5 months. Let me put it like this. I have every expectation to ride them well into next year without any issues. The stock wheels on my remedy were already dented and the hubs were starting to sound bad after 2.5 months of riding, and I have ridden these wheels much harder. Im sure you can destroy them, but for a race weight wheelset that you can ride all the time, they are sweet.

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The Superfly was a rad ride, but things are progressing quickly these days. I think you'd be surprised with a ride on a new school 29er with a little more modern geo. They're an absolute blast.

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One thing not mentioned in the article is the simplicity of DT's hubs. I have plenty of shop mechanic experience, and years of experience building custom homes, so I'm somewhat mechanically inclined--but there is just no denying the sheer simplistic genius of DT's rear hub/freewheel/bearing design and setup. It's truly a wheel that an average home mechanic could work on if need be, rather than having to take it to a shop, or in some modern cases, send it all the way back to the manufacturer for minor fixes on up. I applaud DT, in my humble opinion. I ride their hubs on my XX1-equipped Yeti SB95 and I have a set of FR2250s that are my back up DH race wheels.

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