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fwiw, the shirt doesn't even work. i've worn it more than once and still do turnbars.

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"the rug isn't the issue, dude"

If KC was just cranking out cool-to-him edits on his own dime, whatever. Like it or move on. That isn't my point.

I was inundated with this storyless yawnfest on FB, Insta, and every media outlet. I don't blame them, the media outlets, they are...more

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Can confirm: that riding hurt our feelings at ROBOT HQ. If you're Canyon, why would you send this guy instead of Braydon Bringhurst in Idaho? Or one of your Canadian racers in BC? I think I'd rather watch Jeff ride, even.

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79 lacks comedy.

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As a G1 owner, I concur!
...also, that last dude is a wack-a-doo

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Ardents? Do you not value your teeth? Outside of that these new Rune's are really growing on me.

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Finally a replacement for reliable, convenient, and universally available J-bend spokes.

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Ah fair enough. I have similar issues with declaring all the world cups I've won

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While you're at it Noah, send me a Bartlett too! I'll put it on my Meta AM 29 and be #sososoenduro with a mullet dual crown #oncoil #notcarbon bike.

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"stanchion pants"

thank you

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As a guy who often writes too much for little-to-no reward on the internet, I appreciate the essay you've put together here

That said, arguing that people "aren't doing it right" when it comes to assessing performance is a tough sell. Though I haven't had much...more

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I remember something about Richie Rude winning all stages at the second to last round last year. Did he get stripped of that title after the news broke? Also Isabeau won in Tasmania last year. Are we forgetting that 2018 even happened?

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finally, someone had the courage to enlighten me on the cryptic "sandbagging" comments. 2nd place in the pro women's class is transgendered, so there is debate about the racing being fair. why that couldn't be mentioned here in the comments from the get-go is beyond me.

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Cool. But I wish companies would bark up a "tree that matters". Carbon vs Carbon vs Aluminum bla bla bla really doesn't matter all that much on the trail. Unlike road riding, there are so many factors that contribute to ride quality. Tires, suspension, handlebar...more

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I guess now's not a good time to mention that a DVO kit may or may not be under development...