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Reply to YT USA Support & Info 8/28/2017 9:39 AM

YEWWWWWWW!!!!!!! and various other expressions of excitement.

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 8/28/2017 9:38 AM

Hey Gang, The 2018 line will be launched in January of '18. We are still running on a traditional schedule and everything will be announced shortly after you hang your new "Goats in Trees" calendar. Yes, that is a real thing, Google it! Arrival and shipping ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 5/2/2017 10:01 AM

You are going to want to email into our service address ( with your order number to get an accurate estimate of when your bike is due to arrive. Some Jeffsy 27 bikes have been delayed but not all.

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 3/24/2017 12:32 PM

THE SITE WAS JUST UPDATED!!!!!!! You can once again pre-order a 2017 YT, get on it!! All of the bikes that were once listed as "sold out," now have due dates.

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 3/7/2017 4:32 PM

Hey bud, not anytime soon, sorry man.

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 2/21/2017 12:48 PM

Hey bud, at 6 foot, we would recommend the large in either the carbon or aluminum models. The aluminum has a shorter top tube and taller stack, making it a bit more "park" like. The carbon features the longer and lower front end for world cup winning ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 2/17/2017 12:31 PM

That is a solid question my man, happy to clear that up. While we do not do parts changes to bikes here, you can absolutely mount a 160 fork on that bad boy and it will not affect your warranty. Just to get the info out there, you can only go 150 on ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 1/11/2017 12:30 PM

We know it has been some time since we spouted off any info but we just got word from the mother ship web team that the new run of YT bikes will go live in the next 7-10 days. Keep your eyes stuck to the site for updates, info and pricing...

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 8/24/2016 8:39 AM

Kev-Man, We'll be launching the 2017 bikes in...wait for it...2017! We know this is not the industry norm but then again, neither are we. Hang in there man, it'll be like Christmas after Christmas.

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 8/9/2016 11:51 AM

No solid due date yet but they will come to the public (some day.) The R+D process is lengthy, we need to make sure that the bikes are up to snuff and ready for consumption.

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 7/8/2016 1:21 PM

Sorry sister, you have to act fast to get those things. The good news is that we'll have some small Pros in stock shortly...woohoo!

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 6/27/2016 10:16 AM

The Jeffsy AL bikes are due to arrive at our office this week. We'll be offloading and shipping them as fast as we get them. If you have one on pre-order be on the lookout for an email from FedEx later this week or early next week!

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 5/25/2016 3:14 PM

***Bike are almost here!!**** Our shipment of Capra Pro Race bikes is due to arrive in Reno tomorrow morning and we are going to ship those bad boys out ASAP! Good times are coming (again.)

Reply to Show Us Your Shuttle Vehicle 5/15/2016 9:22 AM

Most of the time we run the 2015 Chevy Duramax, Z-71 Leveling kit and some hearty BFG rubber Baja Design light bar mounted in our Status custom YT grill and hubcaps 20' x 8' Trailer (formerly of Coldcock Whisky) all costumed out to haul the demo fleet

... more »
Reply to Who's Your Local Hero? 5/12/2016 9:27 AM

Our home town and region is host to a ton of big guns, guys like Zink and Paul Bass. Hell that Lars Sternburgalur guy is from Carson. Watts just moved here and we're sure there are even more people. But if we had to look at what qualifies as a "hometown ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 4/11/2016 10:47 AM

Yo bud, you should have received an email from us regarding this, sorry if that isn't the case. The order was delayed by a couple of weeks and will be here in a few weeks from now. We will keep you posted on any updates. If you need more specific info, ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 3/1/2016 3:18 PM

It is an objective fact that Guide brakes are not as powerful as Codes or Saint, we can all agree on that. Are the Guide RSC powerful enough? Certainly. They are the same brakes that Mikey Sylvestri used to take 2nd at National Champs and pretty much ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 3/1/2016 1:37 PM

We hear what you are saying and on the outside, it makes total sense. One of the (several) reasons our prices are so low is because we do not do customizations. Buying build kits and selling complete bikes "as-is" keeps our bike prices down and saves ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 3/1/2016 1:30 PM

We do not have any plans to sell any of the bikes as a frame-only. Completes only for now. Considering you can get a complete, 2015 Tues CF Comp for less than the price of other brand's frames; we'd like to think our customers have some solid options... ... more »

Reply to YT USA Support & Info 3/1/2016 1:28 PM

That is a bummer man, I am sure that Germany will get you taken care of.