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This really devolved quickly. Everyone has an opinion and that is ok. If you dont like ebikes then dont buy one. If you do like ebikes, go buy one. I think the fear of trails closing due to ebikes may be a little unfounded. Here in Colorado each area is doing studies, then making a decision on ebikes specifically.

Maybe I am being the fun police here but the name calling is absurd. Let the McCauls earn their paychecks. Everyone has to make a living.

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We miss you TeamRobot.

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They certainly made that look fun!

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People will vote with their dollars. I have raced several of the BME races and EWS races. Aspen EWS was a pedal fest with 12 mile pavement transfers and huge climbs. Keystone BME has always been a staged DH race with one small transfer. Both were very fun but as far as stress free and easier to get through the weekend the one day multi run DH style format wins for me personally. The two day huge backcountry stuff is type 2 fun. It also takes much more time and money to be there a day early to practice and you have to be fit.

In my opinion there is room for both. Nobody is forcing you to like or participate in any style of racing.

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Those are some very empty seats for a video labeled Indoor Cycling World Champs in the link!

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Is that ghetto tubeless or some kind of rim strip that is overlapping the rim edge?

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Hang on...was he on flats and nobody made any mention of it!?! Where the hell were all the #flatpedalswinmedals people? For the record, I love flat pedals.

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I agree with you in theory, BUT, manufacturers do not sell bikes that way. The overall build of a bike does make a difference for ride quality. Product managers have to make decisions and those decisions often define the personality of a bike. For the end user the component selection is important to take into account. I think this is great, next time maybe Steve will be allowed to speak!

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I have the alloy version of this bike and I love it. It does everything as advertised. Mine has the Pike RC and I found 3 Tokens was my magic number for keeping up with how high in the travel the rear likes to be. I agree the tires are a bit slidey for my liking. I ditched the stock post and brakes for a Crankbros Highline and Guide Ultimates, both of which have been flawless.
I am happy to read you guys mostly like the bike as well. Keep up the good work Turman and crew!

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Added a comment about feature Vital MTB's The Inside Line Podcast - Episode 4 - Bryson Martin, Founder of DVO Suspension 2/22/2017 5:12 PM

Well done. The sport owes many thanks to Marzocchi. I remember I was riding a Cannondale Super-V with a headshock at the time that a fiend let me ride his Schwinn with a Bomber, I was ruined. Nothing ever compared to that fork. Even though forks have come along way, I bet an old Bomber with fresh seals and oil would still be great. Thanks Bryson!

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