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I just didn't watch it. I wasn't going to pay for an event experience that would be essentially the same as previous ones that I've enjoyed for free, and I certainly wasn't going to pay money for the lesser experience National B**lsh*ting Company was selling.

Hopefully sometime in the future World Champs DH...more

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Ok... Boomer.

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You seem nice.

Here’s a free tip: don’t like e-MTB? Don’t get one and scroll past any stories involving one. You may be less angry.

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Make the TOTEM great again!!!

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Who thought it is a good idea to use 50 shades of grey and Orange/More Orange/Kinda Red colours for those graph lines? :D

Otherwise it's super interesting stuff. Especially the trends over time.
Also funny to see how much money US people get thrown at them. My bike is...more

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Emil I actually found very impressive and was surprised at the low placing although with everyone killing it like that did someone had to be lower. First rampage and 3 days notice to start digging? It wasn't as super tech as the best guys but a great...more

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He will be missed by so many, an icon of MTB. His parents raised a golden human being, wishing all of JL's family and friends some healing thoughts. To Claw, BBH, and Watts who were on that trip, f*cking hell, wish you guys some solace. #LongLiveJordie

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i hope they impound winning bikes and dyno them on the spot.

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Oh man, why are all bike companies following the same recipe for kid bikes?
Details of the Fluid 20inch:
-355mm CS and 320mm reach? Would anyone ride a bike with a similar proportion with 27 or 29 inch wheels?
-148mm rear hubs.. really? These are for kids, 135mm should be cheaper to supply and...more

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Thanks for posting guys! This was a fun one. "Slope-Duro-Cross Challenge" coming up next week.

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does anyone expect the results of the superbowl to be withheld by espn, nbc, pbs, hbo, nytimes, drudge report, pennysaver and the appalachian gazette until everyone watches the game? fwiw, we don't spoil WC race results in titles or even the subtitles (text that social media picks up and could spoil)....more

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I like it, but wish it was more expensive.

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What settings have you found that you like? Mine seems pretty lively but the possibilities seem endless.

0 0 0

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I weigh 185 and run 220psi for 30% sag. I started with fox recommended settings and then slowed down high speed rebound by two clicks, sped up low speed rebound by 2 clicks. Compression was similar, 2 clicks more of high speed seems to help support the midstroke for more pop on jumps. Low speed I change often depending on trails. 4 volume spacers. I am still playing but this seems to be pretty balanced and do everything well in Colorado and bike parks. I also used a 60mm stroke instead of the 57.5.

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I also just put an X2 on my remedy. The bike is much more lively than the stock Reaktive damper but maybe a little less efficient. Only a few rides in so I still have some settings to try but I like it thus far.

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I just wish this gallery had more photos of John drilling levers.

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Mitch was the real winner.

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FWIW, I came to this realization back when I had my first generation Transition Smuggler with a 160 (gasp) fork on it. That bike was f'ing awesome. It was way too heavy, but it showed me what an XC/trail bike could/should be. To date, that remains one of my favorite...more

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Nailed it.

Larger negative volumes means you can run higher overall pressure without losing your small bump.

I have found it interesting how everyone seems to push toward adding volume spacers to let them drop pressure for supposedly a more supple feel. This is the opposite of...more

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GREAT episode. I’ve been thoroughly pleased with Push for years now having 3 shocks done over the years and most recently Darren’s wife, Christina, gave me solid advice on which used Fox fork to get that would be best suited to their tune so once I got it I had the factory tune...more