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Just curious. I see you're selling it and wondering what you're replacing it with. It's possible for me to get one of the 2013 frames for a steal and I have an x-fusion vengeance that can run a 27.5 up front. Would you do this same setup again? If not, what were the drawbacks, if any?

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In summary, what were "French cheat lines" in Whistler are now great photo ops, CG gets a 30 second penalty for not wearing a helmet and no one cares, and big wheels are definitely superior despite Clementz and Graves killing it on 26". Mmmmmk.

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Mihai - Love this bike setup. A quick tire question for you. I just stuck a Spec Butcher SX up front and am liking it so far. I feel like my conti trail king 2.2 in the rear is a bit lacking now. What Spec tire would you recommend for the back? I live in Northern Utah and usually it's dry loose soil over hard. Thanks!

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