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27.5" DJ bike

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Thanks so much for the opportunity to chat Spomer. I’m so sorry for all you have gone through as well and I appreciate you being willing to share. I hope that people are able to come away from this with the understanding that we are all in the midst of such a complex situation and at the end of the day we should try to treat each other with compassion and understanding. Many of us have different life, political, and religious beliefs and that’s one of the things that makes the world so special. As long as we are able to respect each other’s personal beliefs and treat one another with some form of respect then we will keep marching together towards progress.

My position this whole time has been one of raising awareness for those who have been effected and hoping to raise the question of “what happens when you do your part for society’s good and it goes wrong?” Is civic duty a two way street or is it one of those things we just ignore and sweep aside?

As people listening will hopefully see, I’m not politically affiliated or motivated, I have no financial interest in this issue, and I’m not deadest on everything I say being right. I’m just a guy who was thrust into a difficult situation, and while falling into that pit I discovered 10’s of thousands of other people trapped at the bottom. I tried to do my best to speak out and raise awareness at the expense of my own personal health and mental well being so some of them might be able to get help. I’m sure I have made some mistakes along the way, but I was always operating out of a place of compassion and never trying to manipulate or control others.

I wanna just say a huge thank you to everyone who listens and I hope no one ever has to experience the pain of loss from a disease like Covid or from anything else. Sorry for bringing a non bike issue to the website, we were really torn but enough people asked for it and we decided to give it a shot. Much love to the vital crew ❤️


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Amongst a bunch of overpriced, mid-weight stems machined from a lump of average aluminium, overpriced mainly due to the name of the small-fry manufacturer that produced them, this thing uses processes that are proven to produce a stronger part and totally pushes the boundaries of weight and then lays out its test results and explains its shortcomings in the marketing blurb.


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The Aimy is one of those products that makes you smack your forehead and ask “Why the fuck didn’t I think of that!” Well done, bikeyoke! Shitting on greenwashing was an excellent touch, too

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You do realize that insurance companies are considering very strongly not covering vaccine deaths now? A french court just ruled against a family who had a love one who died and it was registered as a VAERS death. No life insurance and the court ruled it suicide.
Life Ins companies and funeral companies are reporting up to 40% increase in deaths in the very safe 25-49 demo. Wonder why?
Over 400 pro athlete deaths since the Vax was forced on the world . Most were soccer players as they are probably the most cardio intense of any sport. Many very young basketball players here in US dropping dead, all heart related myocarditis.
My family will never get another vax period. Medicine and Science are forever responsible for what will go down as genocide. Those involved will be held responsible.

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@jimmypop - Been using vital forever now and never needed to make an account. But you single handedly by posting the dumbest comment I have ever read on here forced me to get one so I can come on here to tell you that you are whole heartedly a gigantic idiot. He's not pushing anything and is sharing how he's been affected by a vaccine. So I hope you have a great day - EDITED by sspomer - tinman111, keep it civil. no need for f bombs

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Hey Jimmy, hopefully you will give a full interview a chance. I have only done interviews with Dr John Campbell (vaccinated/pro vaccine), Dr Drew Pinsky ( vaccinated / pro vaccine), Megyn Kelly ( Vaccinated/ pro vaccine ) and one interview with a man named Aubrey Marcus who is unvaccinated but owns a health company called ONNIT and is just genuinely curious about what’s going on. For that one interview with an unvaccinated host we brought our own Phd from UCSF who has several patents with MRNA technology and is pro vaccine. I also testified in senate twice, with scientists, doctors and nurses from all of the country and world. I do try really hard to maintain a balanced view of the whole thing and have been booed several times by people who are fully anti vax for saying that the vaccines on whole are a good tool to fight the pandemic. I understand how some people can accuse me of creating hesitancy, I really do see your point. I just also know that what the government has done with leaving people out to dry and giving the corporation’s complete immunity is unequivocally wrong. That’s what I was fighting for, for all the families that have had their lives ripped apart and are just told to stay quiet and deal with it. You are right, I have received some medical help and assistance from “fringe” doctors like Malone, Patterson, Cole, and FLCCC but only after my attempts to get my health back with my primary care physician resulted in her having to put her medical license on the line to go to bat for me. She wasn’t even able to write me an exemption for the boosters due to the restraints around current St Alphonsus policy. This whole situation is so jacked up on so many levels and I do sincerely understand your feelings towards me. I just know that most people in my shoes would have done the same thing or would have been wishing that someone would stand up and be a voice. I get dozens of messages a day from people and families thanking me for giving them hope, or helping them find treatments, or even just thanking me for helping them feel not so alone on their journey.

I really do appreciate your well wishes and I hope we can meet in person some day, I’m happy to listen to opposing view points and if you have some constructive criticism about what I should or could do different in the future I would love to hear your opinion. My personal email is . Feel free to shoot me a message. I’m always trying to learn more and improve. Trust me, this has been such a difficult thing to navigate and doing it all while trying to get healthy and find some doctors who could help was an absolute shit show. I’m sure I made some mistakes along the way but I am proud for the contributions I was able to make in getting people help.

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Thank you guys so much! It’s been a crazy journey. Excited to catch up with you in a couple weeks for a podcast Spomer! Hopefully I can share a little more about the emotional side of this whole ordeal. I think there has been some confusion on my “stance” about the whole thing and I’m excited to clear that up as well. At the end of the day I’m just grateful to get a second chance at life and be able to get back on two wheels. It was really scary for a while there but it’s been great to feel my health returning and being able to help others get theirs back as well. You guys rock ❤️

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I wish you all the best for the future and I have the biggest respect for you as the most versatile bike rider of all time! What a career!!!!

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I see where you're coming from and we had the same in mind when we designed thr grips.
However, there is a big difference between this and a dual clamp design.
On a dual lock design (or single, but outer clamp design for that matter (like on some older Ergon models), you have to clamp the outer ring onto the handlebar. That means the clamp will effectively shorten the handlebar's usable width and instead of a 780mm handlebar, you may only have an effective 740 or 750 without touching the hard clamps. Our encaps obviously reach beyond the handlebar's edge and the effective width of your handlebar stays same. The small taper at the end of the rubber part (before the endcap) provides a nice tactile feedback for the end of your grippable area.
That being said, you would have to ride a wider handlebar with a dual clamp design (or outer clamp design) to reach same grippable width, wheres a 780mm handlebar stays a 780mm handlebar in the case of a Grippy.

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