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Absolutely amazing photos. Really told the story of the race.

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Sorry about the problems you're having. I'll have our developers look into it next week. Happy Holidays!

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Hmm. I just tested slideshows on both sites with my desktop computer and phone and had no problems. Maybe it's a local network problem. Give it a few hours, and if you're still having trouble, post links to specific slideshows that aren't working, and ... more »

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Sorry for the problems. Are you still seeing this? If so, please post links to an example or two. Thanks.

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Oh my goodness... Lee Trumpore, Eddie Clark - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing this. This is so incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, amazing. Will would be blown away. Thank you for honoring my boy in this way... He loved you guys - this...more

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That 3 minute video was better than the last 10 full length DH/MTB movies I've seen combined.

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if your life is about making your best ideas real and the love you have for your kids then shit... good life... take a deep breath... its not about the bike... its about the man and his life and his work......more

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Thanks for the catching that oversight. I'll have someone look into it.

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Well that was sick. NZ needs a stop for the World Cups

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Cheers for chiming in, SDMTB'er. Sounds like a decent solution for the cables. Have you noticed any rubbing or premature wear as a result? Our preference is for shorter stems (50mm), wider bars (765mm), and a longer reach than what the Mach 6 provides. You'll notice most other...more

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I've had trouble on and off with Vimeo over the years, but it seems like it's been pretty solid lately. I've got a fast connection, so that definitely helps.

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This problem has been fixed. Thanks again for letting us know about it.

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I see it. I'll forward this to our tech team to fix. Thanks for pointing this out.

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I'm a little unclear about where you're having the problems. Are all the pages you're referring to in the forum section? We haven't implemented a Facebook comment system, so no worries there.

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Sorry, not any time soon.