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I've been on this market before. My requirements were hydro disc brakes because it's important for kids to learn proper speed - front/rear brake control. a front air shock (because it's easy to tune for low weight riders)
The match for me was the Norco, it's a well built and specs bike. I updated the brake levers with some xt with an adjustable reach, some higher volume maxxis tires and I put a old carbon fiber bar for the bling.
Things that could better for kids: dropper post (the diameter is 27.2 and there is less option there) and the shifter is a regular size one and so it's still challenging to operate for small hands

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I won't waste my time with wheels, they are meant to be trashed. If you don't use them for racing, they don't need to be light. I would buy new tires, fresh grips, make sure you are happy with your pedals, that's all your points of contact. I dislike ... more »

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Just some random thoughts to highlight that helmet are half (or less) safety and half fashion. I ride the same trails with my DH bike and my trail bike. I wear half lid on trail bike and full face on DH. Hell, I don't even wear a helmet when I'm riding ... more »

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I love di2, it makes me shift effortless much more than I used to do. I don't burn myself grinding in the wrong gear.
It might sounds like a luxury but the ride quality and efficiently is much improved that with carbon wheels or 12s eagle that everybody wants. This product might be the same subtle improvement that is a game changet at the end of the day.. I think the battery is a non issue. I charged my di2 once and I predict the next charge will be in 2 or 3 months ( with 3rides/week)

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Thanks for your feedback, I understand your concern. We don't think it's more dangerous than any parts of your goggles, It's small, very light and made of soft silicon. It's quite well secured to the lens. I crashed plenty of times, trees and sharp rocks did more damage than this device so far!

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well I'm sure you got the heads-up part ;-)
the colored light is the display! but I understand where you are coming from.
You heard Heads up display and you think, numbers, text and image, like in science fiction movie (Iron Man, Minority Report), video games or fighter jets!
It was our initial intent but we realized that we did want to ride with some text/ numbers under the eyes. After testing, a colored light appeared to be significant enough (everybody understand, red=bad, green-good) without
keeping eyes out of focus from where you are going!
There is way to get holographic content in front of you so it blends with your normal perception but the tech is not ready yet, it would involved riding with an heavy and expensive computers strapped on our head.
in comparaison, our solution is just few grams, comparatively cheap for a product made in USA and make the job.
Thanks for your question, feel free to continue the conversation at

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At first I thought this was the most stupid idea I'd ever heard. Then I read, understood how it was intended to be used and thought it was actually pretty cool. Maybe not for everyone, but yeah, I could see it being a valuable tool for sure.

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Indiegogo Campaign Launches for EyeCo
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