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The customer we built this bike for is about 6' 4".

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Looks like the road gap on the way up to Flying Monkey. Crazy...

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Seriously, this specialized coverage sucks. They should interview the guy in the christmas tree costume. Plus I want to see an interview with Nico. Also they should have pizza.

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Having to ditch a few toys to pay some bills. Auction ends on Wednesday (tomorrow). Check it out... SuperCo Charger SuperCo Charger size XL, Red Rock Shox Argyle Air Hope Pro II single speed hub rear, 20mm front and more...

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I will forever cringe when I see someone bail trying a 720.

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Six minutes of awful....I mean awesome. ha ha ha

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Solid riding for sure. Damn kids don't realize that they are not supposed to be able to do this stuff. The front flip off the drop is just silly.

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Boost-freakin-tacular! Some of the things they double (or triple) up, and the off trail gaps are just silly!

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I saw it in person. Awesome!!!

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Just hanging out here in bed with a broken tibial plateau. Had the doc in Moab check me over, then jammed up to SLC to have surgery at the U of U. They said everything went well, and we will check to make sure nothing is wrong with ligaments or tendons as soon as the bone is healed up a bit.

The Colorado crew was putting on quite a show for sure. It was rad to ride with everyone. I have to agree that there were some other riders that deserved to be in the finals more than me. I was stoked to be in, but given what happened I certainly would have been just has happy to watch to finals and drive home with all my bones intact.

I can't believe what an amazing set of jumps they were able to put together in just 2 weeks. Super fun to ride, and I can't wait to come back next year to shred again. Someone please remind me though that I am old and fragile, and I can't do 720's.

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