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If you cut steerers while they are installed you should not be allowed to cut steerers

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April fools was 3 weeks ago

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While I understand the engineering behind it I struggle with it. It strikes me as a solution to an invented problem. If linkage driven suspension really is worlds better why aren’t linkage forks being run on works motocross bikes or moto-trials bikes etc. I know everyone hates the motor sports references when it comes to anything bike related but there has to be a reason these teams with their giant R&D budgets and cost is no object mentality (not to mention access to some of the worlds foremost engineers, no disrespect to Mr. Weagle) haven’t adopted this technology. There were a few companies in the 80s running them and they have completely vanished. I also get and respect that we’re comparing apples to oranges here but it seems geometry is geometry and rider position is rider position A better performing fork would appeal in either genre. Granted I’ve never ridden it, and will likely never get a chance to as I’m not friends with @the_owl with his limitless budget for bicycle related regalia. I would gladly bounce it down the trail for a lap or two though.

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It's not the price. I don't care how much it costs because I'll still buy what I can afford. There are two big reasons why I am a "hater": it retains the front derailleur and it is a solution for something that is not broken.

I despise front derailleurs and see their existence as the main obstacle preventing stronger and lighter frames with better geometry. As long as frame manufacturers have to design around the front derailleur, frames will always have compromises in strength, weight, and/or dimensions. The bearing that receives the highest load is the drive-side main pivot bearing, which has to be moved inward to accommodate the FD, which means that area has to be reinforced to accommodate the less than ideal bearing position. Additionally, chain stays have to be made longer to ensure the tire clears the FD.

Secondly, modern cable shifters work very well and are pretty dang reliable. They work without a secondary energy source, in horrible conditions, and are serviceable trail-side with commonly found parts that cost less than a pack of gum (e.g. shifter cables). The rear derailleur is much more of an Achilles' heel than cable shifters, but this system tries to reinvent the robust part (shifter) and does nothing to improve the vulnerable part (rear derailleur). Significant money and R&D time spent for what? So they can release a "new" technology and gain back some credibility for being a drivetrain technology leader because their biggest competitor keeps taking their market share in that category year after year?

It's cool, no doubt, but so are a lot of ideas that don't really fix anything. That's why I'm a "hater."

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