Kenny Smith Knows No Limits - A Truvativ Story
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12/18/2012 8:46 PM

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Ross Schnell has it made. But it didn't just happen. Here's a little peek inside his life in Fruita, his bikes in his amazing garage and the wealth of trails outside his front door.

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The Crankworx crown can finally hang on the head of the hometown hero. Semenuk did it. Sage caught every moment. Four Long Years later, here's the bounty. Enjoy.

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Brandon Semenuk gets freestyle in the woods on his mountain bike. Modern freeriding at its finest. From DH bike, to slope bike to dirt jumper. This vid has it all.

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Nathan Riddle is working class fast. He works at the United Bicycle Institute 5 days a week and takes full advantage of his hour lunch break by doing intervals. He has a family and responsibilities but makes the time to do something that he loves, race his bike. Training is already a full time job that involves a regimented life. We all try to make time between responsibilities to ride or do anything we love. Here’s a peak at what fuels Nathan’s passion and his undeniable skill on the bike. Every Ride Has A Story.

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Back in January, Truvativ swung through Bellingham, Washington and witnessed the supreme creativity and perseverance a diverse group of trail builder’s had. Committing yourself to months in the woods for a trail no one is asking for is a special skill. It’s an unlearn-able and thankless task. Here’s a little tribute to the callused hands and sore backs that make all of our rides reality. They don’t just happen. Every Ride Has a Story

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SRAM’s presence at the Sea Otter Classic has always undeniable. This year we stepped it up a notch or two. This is the first and one of the biggest gatherings of the year. We moved quick to get our new race truck together and ready to support the growing number of racers that attend the event. Even with the majority of pros at the world cup opener in South Africa, the truck team was busy from sunrise to sunset helping everyone get back out on their ride as quick as possible. Truvativ had major involvement with the Sea Otter this year. We commissioned the Momentum Trail Concepts crew to rebuild the DH course. We debuted our brand new line of bars seatposts and stems to the public. We also pit strangers and friends against each other in the Truvativ arm wrestling ring for swag. It got ugly. Good ugly. See below for TSage’s magical moments from the weekend.

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When one thinks of the Sea Otter Classic, they envision inconsistent weather and the cycling industry masses filing into the infamous Laguna Seca race way. A new year brings new developments at this long-standing season opening institution. Downhillers and gravity lovers can finally get excited for a fresh and flowy course that has had to overcome many barriers to become a reality. Year after year brought shiny new bits and progression to the expo zone at the Otter. External circumstances kept the same from happening to the DH track. The one good jump and really good sandy right-hander will remain but I’m sure that’s about it if the Momentum trail crew and the team from Truvativ have anything to do with it… When you have the means and the team to pull off something that can make a mark, you have to capitalize and do it for the greater good… Enjoy the first look and tease of the new Sea Otter Classic DH course.

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Mary McConneloug & Mike Broderick do things themselves. They are sponsored riders but they handle all of the nitty-gritty logistics that go into making sure their season goes as smooth as possible. All while training at the highest level they can. This video is a peak into their life. Enjoy. Every Ride Has a Story.

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