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Well that doesn't exactly make sense. Riding trails is free (mostly), and you're not required to buy/upgrade a rear triangle in order to ride your bike.

Snowboarding, however, that's a sport I've been priced out of.

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Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail

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Paying a premium for a boutique brand that is not a boutique brand is the main point. They used to be, they no longer are. Their warranty support has been a nightmare for a while (a friend of mine has two bikes currently sitting in a state of denied warranty). Other brands used to be -as bad- Trek, for instance before they had the lifetime warranty on their swing arm (this is I think 24mos or less since that started).

For those of us who keep bikes a while or actually ride off road...well, the warranty is key. Not every week but not infrequently we see broken stuff. That is where I thank god that with my brand (Specialized) - assuming the LBS is in good standing, warranty is a non-issue (but for availability as all companies have).

I know of a couple guys with broken (one NIB issue) from YT. Its a mess.

From there, I am going to leave the political spewings of SC outta this, that, in and of itself caused me to NOT buy a set of their $2500 XC wheels.

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