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I tried a 150mm V1 a few months ago. However due to the unique way it actuates I couldn't get it as low as my old Giant Contact SL which was only a 125mm (even though the one-up had a shorter stack height). I tried a lot of different routing options through the seat tube to allow the hosing more freedom but nothing worked. It had to be positioned a good 25mm higher than my old post. Not good (for what I required)

So I Gave up and plumped for a 150mm Reverb AXS, which is the first dropper I've ever been able to fully slam in any of my bikes. Its almost worth it just for that

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WTF. The hucks are big enough without the added consequence of all the runouts in over half of those. Threading the needle at 30 mph after hucking 25 ft stair gaps is straight up gnarly. That bridge drop to pole tag to head smash at the end was...more

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I bought it from Cost around $50us for the whole set.
Here is the link if u interested

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Please get rid of those fork boots. They just trap and collect dirt.
RS make a good fork and do not need them.

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You must be quite heavy-handed. I've had one in my workshop at work thats over a year old had numerous refills. Make sure you hold it upright or you'll just be pumping air

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Updated bike check Transition Patrol AXS 11/3/2019 11:28 PM
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Its missing a push 11/6.
Then you really will have spent enough.

But I’d ditch those silly forks. They look sh1t.

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Yep. Just on lower-end stuff to reduce the reliance on SR Suntour. At least this way they have much more control over the quality and warranty, Which with Suntour is a massive ballache.

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He will be missed by so many, an icon of MTB. His parents raised a golden human being, wishing all of JL's family and friends some healing thoughts. To Claw, BBH, and Watts who were on that trip, f*cking hell, wish you guys some solace. #LongLiveJordie

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If you come to the UK with a Giant ebike sans battery, we can rent you one

And if you're traveling within Europe (I assume US/Canada) then just drive. Its much nicer and more often than not takes a similar time to flying... More importantly, ... more »
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I live and ride in so-cal, estimated 4m in SD county, 4m in OC, 10m in LA, a lot of people! Unless you ride a trail area on a saturday morning, in one of the most populated places in America, you rarely see people. I don't understand all this "traffic" chatter is about, I don't see it-in so...more

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Awesome build.

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Bike of the Day October 4, 2019!

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Just the standard Syntace axle.
But with this: Syntace X-fix tool

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