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Because kids that ride those bikes have no comprehension of nice things, and that’s really cool. I guarantee any kid that gets one would be just as stoked on a kicker bike that costs $100. On top of that most kids just thrash their bikes. It’s for midlife crisis/status symbol dads to buy there toddlers so they can feel good about ignoring them.

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I'm still running a pair of impact hightops from 6 odd years ago. Have glued the soles back on a few times, but the uppers are just about buggered now.

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It’s a question of momentum. Big travel is great for carrying speed, ie if you’re going down a steep hill covered in roots, rocks, and holes that would otherwise slow you down. In contrast, short travel helps you build speed on flat trails, uphills, pump bumps, or any situation where you need to pump the bike or pedal to create speed. This is why downhill bikes feel like such a pig on smooth flow trails and why short travel bikes are slower on gnarly descents. Seems to me that EWS races feature a mix of both types of terrain in special stages, warranting a bike that’s somewhere south of a full DH bike in travel.

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If your headset is getting loose, that is your stem bolts. It's called a "preload" for a reason.
Final load & tension on the headset is handled by the stem.

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What dropper/saddle are you using? I have a one up with a ergon saddle and can get 40mm in front or behind the clamps. Similar with a reverb and a giant contact dropper. some saddle combos might reduce that fractionally but that is still a lot of adjustment? I have a p3 size privateer, with the saddle back 25mm on the rails I have the same saddle to bars as on my large strive which had the saddle pushed forward 25mm. The position does feel a bit different as you are more central over the BB.

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I was faster on 29 until I went back to being a pilot rather than a passenger. At 5'8" I can be way faster downhill on an XL 29er until I have to turn. Those things are like toboggans! Hold on and ride it down. Now I like to be in total control and smaller wheels gives me that control. I find i have way more traction on flat corners with the smaller wheels. I think people mistake the passenger feeling that the ton of BB drop on 29ers gives for traction. Yeah yeah, everyone races 29ers. I think that's going to start to change one of these days.

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DHR2 rolls faster than Aggressor? You're so wrong, despite your impressive experience and qualifications.

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RAAW Madonna V2

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