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Interesting how he doesn't have the inside pins installed on his pedals.

Anyone know what kind of tape that he's got on his crank arms? I've seen on it on some other bikes as well I think. Would provide protection and some friction against side of shoes.

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I don't know about most bikers, but I like cranks that are efficient in pedaling. The video didn't show either rider pedaling until the 1:14 mark. In fact, they showed Olly pushing his bike before anyone actually pedal.

But man, can Brendog and Olly fly....

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absolutely agree. Very bouncy tires will benefit more (Maxxs exo, Sch snakeskin, Continental Der K/Der .. but when you change from one of these to DD/DH or Sch SG there is a world or improvement in damping/traction from the tire alone... Not saying that cushcore wouldn't be better, dont know, curious, havent tried it yet..

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good luck climbing that bike - the seat angle would have your ass behind the rear axle. pass.

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Do you think the harshness is because the wheelpath seems almost totally forward? A decade ago when i had to short-shock all of my trailbikes to get decent geo, the square edge performance always sucked afterward.

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i never ditched/crashed the bike but it felt very sturdy and stout throughout the months i rode it and seems like it would have no problem handling the abuse you brought up.

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Agreed. Seems a bit of an elephant in the room. Here's my new 27.5" bike, and it says Niner in big letters on the downtube. When they went into receivership and were restructured they should've taken the opportunity then to relaunch under a different name IMO.

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