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I'll be 50 next year. when my son turns 15 in 10 years, I'll be happy Ebikes have gotten so good! Thanks bike industry for progressing faster than my rate of aging.

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Great bike for a little shredder. On a side note, interesting how the frame only option is 1k, while the sentinel or adult bikes are double the prices. Obviously a little shock upgrade, and more material, but a 1k increase is crazy.

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I dunno how the heck you’re gonna ride that monster at a skatepark but it’s a nice ride. Glad to see more Marino’s and real custom machines popping up. Rad

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I think they’re a great idea. I wear a ff almost exclusively and on the rare occasions I do go out on a trail ride putting my half lid on feels like putting a wet flannel on my head.

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That's a foolish way to think about it. There's a lot of grey area when it comes to whether something is a manu defect or consumer error. Companies with lifetime warranties are saying they can cover that grey area indefinitely. That costs money, because every single manufacturer has problems at some...more

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The new XTR hubs aren't dead silent though- that technology never got released. I've heard they are quieter than most, but the "Scylence" technology does not exist in real life.

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you must not have heard of Onyx, Chris King, I9 or DT Swiss

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I think it’s funny that people think they need more than seven or eight gears .
If it’s the same ratio of gears why do we need more?
We are more than seven gears right now because no one who rides a bike understands we’re better with seven. It works better, you have the same...more

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This is a good idea that will appeal to many riders, it certainly does to me..
I’m currently riding a home made 6 speed 11-42 cassette and very happy with it. As others have said I’d tend to double or triple shift on previous 10 and 11 speed cassettes so I thought I’d just pair it down and so far so good. I mainly ride backwoods gravity stuff in the UK but have done a few long rides with it.
Back in the day we all started pulling off the front cogs which lead to the production options we now have in 1x...perhaps we’ll see another rider lead development with wide range cassettes with fewer gears? I guess people don’t tend to ‘bodge’ stuff like we did when I was a kid though.
Btw 2nd to 1st gear on this thing I’m using is 28t-42t and it works absolutely fine.

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I had been thinking about changing to a 1x10 from my current 1x11, just because of always having to change two or more cogs at a time. This has convinced me 1x10 is the way to go.

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I feel like not having an all Marzocchi option was a missed opportunity.

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You didn't hear? They straight up gave him the park.

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For the second time, did I say it sucked? I just said I'm *not sure it deserved the 5 star rating*. Simple.

I never said Shimano shouldn't make 12 speed. I never asked for 14 gears. I never suggested a pizza worthy 60 tooth was the answer to a problem I never...more

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Kiran MacKinnon (works for SC) using the same idea: shorter reach, backwards buzzworks and longer stays. He and I talked about it at Tamarack and he thinks it's all relation of body weight/position to BB. he also thinks longer reach is yanking riders too far forward these...more

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Completely understand where you’re coming from Mr Brines. Pretty much flat isn’t flat but theres no need for me to get semantic, my point is that the LC hasn’t worked since its insheeption in 2012 (actually 2011 come to think of it?) and they’ve done nothing to change it despite me emailing every other day to tell them how much it doesn’t work. If all they’ve done this time around is made the flippin thing longer I shall be quite disappointed to see a bike that was once innovative and forward thinking reduced to the “MOAR REACH” sales tactic.
Better fire em a quick email, I don’t know if they’ll read this.

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