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Good grief. What are these crazy basterds doing!? Bmx category?? Putting us all to shame.

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Dear Santa 32 DT Swiss Comps 266mm 34.9 Seat bolt up seat clamp I've been a good boy and I'm not greedy, I just wanna ride my DJ bike again. Thanks man.

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After a bit more reading it sounds like I was probably optimistic about plus size tyres floating over boggy areas....seems as though you were right Colin. And in that case I am much less interested. Also sounds like if you want performance at high speeds ... more »

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@Colin McCarthy I hear what you're saying dude, its true you can find grip by using skinny tyres to cut through the the slop or even snow. I was thinking about particular sections where I ride that are actually bog, the more you sink the closer you come ... more »

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I am very interested in plus bikes. I'm currently building some new 650b wheels and I'm factoring in potential for plus size tyres next year by using WTBs i35 rims. I'm also very interested in the new slack 29ers like the new Mega 290, etc. In my mind, ... more »

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Yeah I agree with phobospwns - when I started riding bmx/ dj bikes at skateparks and stuff I noticed a big difference when I get back on the trail bike. Suddenly with some squish and gears everything looks smaller. Does feel like you roll a bit slow ... more »

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Don't worry about going too fast, try to help gravity pull you down the hill faster by being fluid and braking carefully. Try to use your brakes efficiently to get you through a corner or a techy section quicker, not so much to slow you down in general ... more »

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Wow. Such colour matchy. But I almost like it...also notice that the stem is S.L.A.M.M.E.D
...well that took a long time to type
Oh yeah and the Pike beats everything, ever. Even Monarchs are better than Fox these days, everyone knows that. Debonair, superb performance. The simplicity is a triple edged sword. Performance, reliability, serviceability.
Oh yeah and you wanna put the zip tie on your marsh guard through the leg holes the opposite way so it wraps the guard around the leg of your fork, less crap gets in there etc. A wrap of elec tape will stop the zip ties rubbing your fork and barely visible on the Pike.

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This is quite coincidental, I've been thinking about the same question since I bought a Vitus Escarpe which is a 135mm/150 trail bike. Previously Ive been riding 160mm Enduro bikes and the new Escarpe with a debonair monarch on it rides wayyyy better ... more »

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Been asking myself the same question. I was pleasantly surprised by the improvement 650b made to my ride. They were noticeably quicker, faster rolling. I could also tell they were ever so slightly slower to spin up as well but it was negligible. I think ... more »

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The best thing that we can do as consumers looking for a new ride or component is compare it to what we have. I know the geo of my bike and the best way for me to compare a new ride is to see a proper, accurate, no BS geo chart. Discussing any querks ... more »

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Reynolds has entered the next level. Lads gone full mental.

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Sam Hill may have been one of the first to start going wider with his bars back in the day, but he stopped well short of today's 780/800 "standard". He usually runs 750 or so, which probably makes his bars among the shortest of all the pros today.

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It's not a tumor. /Arnold

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Agreed with @sspomer - there is limited space to build, and I've judged similar competition formats once upon a time in the big mountain freeskiing realm... My thoughts:
If you built it, you should know every inch of it better than someone 'poaching' it, thus you have...more

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Yep. That's a proper video.

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Why did they cut the end of all the crashes!? It's not a bloody trailer..well I guess it is but come on now. Feel like throwing my phone out the window.

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I'd agree with your friend, Primoz. That's certainly what I've found. My old 2012 Mega was one of the best climbers I've had, think that one was 74 or 75. I now try and find bikes as close as I can to 75° because it was that easy. I also had a 2013 Mega which was 72° and it was awful by comparison on the climbs. I always ride with the seat slammed forward no matter what SA so I reckon I could go steeper still...

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