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Agreed. Don’t believe tuck necessarily related to ‘normal’ or more offset alone. Ime it can also be an issue with reduced offset. With the caveat that reducing offset will generally put more weight on the front wheel and therefore more grip all else ... more »

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Some bullshit gimmick?

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Haha, awesome. Keep up the good work :D

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They look a bit round like everyone else carbon bikes. I always loved the aggressive look of the YT bikes but these look different. Look forward to more info tomorrow

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Looks exactly like a Mojo HD4 to me YT trollin

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People were riding Flow rims at Rampage. I don't that's become xc just yet.

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Yeah they kinda skipped over the most frustrating parts of tubeless installation. Succeeded in advertising and almost hit the mark on the comedy though.

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I am aware of that but there seem to be fewer considerations made in the design process for sag than a few years ago (I could be wrong, these are very much just a lay persons observations). More and more people are seeing the advantages of a simple rising ... more »

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If anything I think too much emphasis is put on using the fabled 30% sag and not enough on how different riders, different riding styles etc may work better with varying amounts of sag. In fact I think that even talking about sag misses the point. I ... more »

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Unless you live next to some serious DH terrain then a 160mm bike IS a DH bike. They’re designed so you can ride back to the top which is great but I still spend a lot of time pushing back up sketchy hillsides. I want to own a proper DH bike, a bike ... more »

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Thank the lord a wheel that’s not made of plastic. 10/10 would buy

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I was all excited about a head to head comparison!

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Ahhhhh Dudde... sick color names dude bro.. so sick to have like minded rad young hip people like yall out there doing super dank stuff. Love paying premium pricing for a frame that looks like it was engineered in 97. Its like hip retro riding with out the financial bennys bro.

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It’s the future.

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Not true regarding people riding park that’s why the chainstays are breaking. Mine broke from very light use, obviously a design fault... especially when they advertise “huck to flat technology” haha my arse, huck a patrol to flat and it’ll ? snap in half