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jive turkey

I'm claiming the rider yelling "Strava!" is an urban legend. I've never heard it, and I regularly ride some of the most heavily used mtb trails in North America. Plus, is anyone really that douchey?

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This was answered in our intro article. Here's what Brandon replied to a similar comment --- We did back in 2015 but are definitely due to ride another one of those beauties. You'll be pleased to hear that we've got a Canfield Riot under our Squamish, BC tester right now.

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I can't even take the rest of this article seriously after your Moab introduction. So lets look into my crystal ball... You decided to pedal the whole Porcupine loop instead of paying for a shuttle = amateur. Based on your dehydration, I can assume you brought maybe a couple water bottles on a 30 mile desert loop = double dangerous amateur move. Ironically your lady was doing better in the hydration department so I bet she a actually brought 3 liters in a Camelbak and despite her insistence you told her you'd "be fine" with less, and then tried to save face when you were facing severe dehydration and heat stroke. Yah, totally Moab's fault.

Here I'll start a review of a DH bike in a similar spirit: "I had to go back to Whistler, a place Id sworn never to return - the first time I went the experience was terrible! We took our XC bikes up A-Line and almost got landed on multiple times! When we descended, it was awful - my Fox 32 and 300g rims snapped in half after airing phat to flat, and my new lycra kit got torn up. I nearly broke my jaw wearing an aero helmet and my knees were all cut up. Not sure why everyone raves about Whistler, after limping to my car and realizing I sliced a sidewall on my 300g XC racing tires, I packed up and left Canada never to return. Anyhow, now Im back to do a review on Diggler mountain scooters!!"

Although this comment will likely go unread, let this be a lesson for anyone new to Moab:

1. "Desert miles count double" - this is a general rule when we go, and it seriously holds true. A 20-mile ride on your local familiar trails is not the same as 20 miles in the desert (even if you lose 3000' vert and its 'mostly downhill'). Prepare to get destroyed riding ledges.

2. Dont be the dumbass that tries to pedal up Sands Flats Road - buy a damn shuttle. The 90's is over and there is nothing to prove by doing the whole loop, everyone who passes you in the shuttle is not impressed. You could also pedal your bike up Whistler instead of buying a lift haul ticket, but why??!? This rule doesnt apply to if youre german and pedal up Burro Pass and then ride Sands Flats back to town.

3. Slickrock is the worst ride in the entire Moab area. Seriously, any other trail is better.

4. Bring a minimum 3 liters water, half ice, plus a bottle or two of Gatorade, plus 2 more energy bars than you think youll eat. People are skeptical but typically we go through all the water and food and after one ride they understand. Better to finish with an extra liter than have a story like the one above.

5. Only Specialized (the Walmart of the bike industry) would be dumb enough to 'test' e-Bikes here - Im sure skipping all the epic trails like Porcupine singletrack and Ahab to compete with rock crawlers on blown out 4x4 trails was great.

Nothing personal to AJ, I just see people do dumb things in Moab every trip and it drives me crazy. You should have me write a Moab prep article, lulz.

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Yeah they put some hours into those things, but with limited space, you can't expect to own the mountain. pretty shitty attitudes there. berrecloth is like the godfather of all this shit, he wants to use part of your line you freakin say "of course dude, enjoy!". WTF. give a guy a break. it's bad enough having to risk your life but to also have to beg someone for permission like COME ON.

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All that course cutting disgusts me.

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From Land Below The Wind #PRAY MH370

Team McDonalds is looking great this year!

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Pro Bike Check: Dean Lucas' Devinci Wilson Carbon

let me know what you guy's want to see? These are shot pretty quickly when both riders and photographer have spare time. In this case it was seconds before Dean's seeding run. I usually just focus on what jumps out at me and making it visually appealing. You want more close up's of a dirty X.O derailleur, and tru-vativ direct mount stem?

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