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This is great! I've had trouble before carrying bikes while also pulling a camp trailer. This would solve that without having to remove wheels.

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MTB access in wilderness (wishful thinking). Probably just a bunch of fat dudes on e-bikes skidding corners.

Added a comment about video The Welder - The Story of Frank Wadelton 11/3/2014 7:35 AM

Great video, I have one of the prototype spooky metalheads and motorheads made by frank sitting in my basement. Would love to have some more of his work!

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Added a comment about photo Club Ride Buxton Jersey and Pipeline Shorts 9/15/2014 11:17 AM

Club Ride makes some of the best riding clothes I've ever worn! Their Cog and Woody jeans are definitely worth a look!

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Best: 1. Yeti SB66C 2. KS LEV 3. Royal alpine Jacket 4. Sram XO1 drivetrain 5. Chromag Cutlass bar Honorable mention: EVOC CC10L pack Worst: 1. Kali Avana (too tall, looks awkward) 2. Sram 10 speed chains 3. Sombrio Spun Gloves (awesome except for lifespan) ... more »

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Yeah tittehs suck!

I hate tittehs!!!

I'm with ya brother.
More wiener!!

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You know you want that as your beach cruiser, RJ!

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Yeah, would love to see some Midwest love.

How about at Brown County State Park?

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That's some legit bar dragging there, Mooney!

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I was actually talking to the guys at Avid about this yesterday. Dot 4 fluid will be fine, but won't function nearly as well as 5.1 because it has a lower boiling point, meaning it cannot handle the higher temperatures that come with downhill riding. ... more »

Added reply in a thread crazy old disc brakes i saw at the swap meet 11/18/2011 9:50 PM

I've worked on a set of those that were on some old road bike a few years back. All I really remember is they were a complete pain in the ass.

Added reply in a thread Where do all the stolen bikes go? 11/1/2011 11:07 AM

I'm always thinking about this whenever I see prototype bikes stolen. Even more I wonder who the dirtbags are that are stealing bikes at Interbike or off race rigs. My best guess is that they go out of the country, maybe South America?

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If only that 80 tooth chainring was biopace, then you would have one sweet ride!

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Anything Jason Ellis puts together should be entertaining. RED DRAGONS!

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I once had a kid post turn by turn directions to a spot on the internet. The land owner allowed us to build and ride the trail but once the traffic increased to an unmanageable amount of teenagers it was shut down. These kids were the textbook example ... more »

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Sierra Summerfest is a great one, on colder rides though I'd have to go with Fat Tire

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I could see the new mallets replacing my M424's in the near future.