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The difference is, one of them gives you a compliment.

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*(*^*^&%^&@$!^(*&(*^*&%!.....stop f'ing about just show us a picture of the new Capra!

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No mention of Ropelato on any of the UCI Spesh DH teams, must still be on for Enduro? Thought he was going back to DH this year?...

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Longer stem? By what, a c*nt hair? Slightly smaller ring, slightly bigger front rotor... Vote is pink vs black... Voted black.

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Keep Trump in and leave the liberal tree huggers out.

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that's every run at Snow Summit, except without the fun trail part.

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I had a ZS56 lower cup mounted on at first on my small frame. While installing the tapered fork, I realized there was play in the headset. After taking it apart, it appeared the tapered steerer was too long to fit the headtube. Rockshox and Fox changed their tapered standard length but Formula being a smaller brand has...more

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Sweet setup! Care to elaborate on your headset configuration?... Are you running a neutral Angleset bottom cup to increase A-C height? Or is it an angled bottom cup? Just curious because I’m entertaining thoughts of installing an angled headset on my HD3.

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This has to be some of the worst beer chugging I've ever seen.

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The Fest Series is insane! Still think Lacondeguy got robbed last year at Rampage.

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Damn! That is one sexy bike!!!
Move aside Nomad.

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trail entrance, really... thanks obama

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heaven forbid you get mud on your seatpost...

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Thought Gwin was running the newer Fox RAD coil, like the Minnaar and a few others where running. The one shown in the Pit Pits... I’m sure there’s custom internals, but this looks like a Fox Van “RC” shock...?,7380/Aaron-Gwins-Specialized-Enduro-650B,74094/sspomer,2

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Dialed everything! Except that STUPID proprietary rear shock.

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Seriously. Wtf are the thinking with that baby blue?!

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I approve of this recovery but the video needs more knee brace. =) C'mon now - let's be careful out there. When I'm not delivering justice to the four corners of the world with the righteousness of my round-house kicks, I stay in shape by riding and racing downhill. To ensure that I retain the...more