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Pivot Cycles Phoenix Carbon "TchoukTV Edition" (Full Öhlins - Size XL) - My second one

Hi, man. Nice ride. Cool to see other tall guys riding downhill bikes. I'm 6 feet 6 inches tall but man your bike looks huge. I mean I'm riding a xl demo 8 but your bike looks huuuuge. Maybe it's the seatpost. Ride on!

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Pivot Cycles Mach 429 Trail (XL) "TchoukTV Edition" - My second one

The best trick for seating a stubborn bead is to set up the tire with a tube at max pressure. Leave the tube in for about 30 mins then take it out and try to set up tubeless. It's called training the bead and works pretty much every time.

One factor to consider is if the tape is too thick or wide, it can sometimes create issues with seating the beads into the rim because the tape crowds the area of the rim's bead hook channel.

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